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  • Hi Regina! I'm just posting this as a test to see how long it takes you to notice it here (and to say hello!) :D
    Hi there I just read your whole tread, you made me laugh a lot.
    I wanted to tell you "WAY TO GO GIRL" so happy for your progress and you look great too and very very happy! I hope all your hopes and dreams come true. My husband and I were at AKL this past Decemeber for a week and a few days and we had a great time as well. I am a Disney Freak! LOVE LOVE LOVE that place. Thanks for posting your great pics too, I really enjoyed it, you can add me if you like and chat from time to time ok.
    Take care and best wishes to you and your family :) Tinkerchelli (Lucille) of course I love TINK!!!
    I'm attending Colorado State University. Big change, but much needed.

    I'm glad to hear all the changes in your life have been positive ones. Miss you around here!
    All good I hope.
    I will patiently await your submission.
    Might it have something to do with your companion in the hat?
    Hey you! :wave:

    Now I feel bad...I missed you birthday....
    Can you accept a VERY belated Happy Birthday? ((hugs))
    Good Luck! I'll enjoy hearing about your progress!
    That's a lot better that what other folks are doing!
    Hello Dear!
    Always good to see you stop by the boards.
    Whacha doing for the summer to stay out of trouble?
    Hey stranger!
    Hope all is well.
    Miss not getting to chat...and am not good at getting over to metro...:(
    How many more weeks of school?
    its an ice cream Friday!

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