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  • Very true....we love disney, (even at our age). We have been several times and have reservations to return the end of August....just the two of us!
    Just a drop by reminder of how jealous i am that you only have 63 days left to wait compared to my 67 :D :D
    Thanks for the support. Some people get a little crazy when they can hide behind the safety of an internet forum. We reordered the shirt with different verbage, hopefully it will go through this time.
    ah im sorry to hear that :( ....Ive done MVMCP twice before but this will be my first halloween, The child in me will be forcing me to dress up too :D :D and trick or treat....... when in Rome :)
    Oh wow.... thats cool..... well you've been warned to stay indoors/in-park while im driving :) :) lol, will you be doing MNSSHP whtle your there this year
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