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  • Whatever makes you guys feel better..I know how hard it must be for you and those pretty girls...;)..

    Miles > Saban...:) from all the blood that Bama will leave behind when we kill them!
    GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck, Doug!!

    The team went to the Southwest Regionals and competed against teams from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas and finished third in a ten team tournament. Sounds like they took the bronze to me. :king:
    We'll be there the 19th-21st. We'll probably arrive a little after noon on Saturday. We have dinner scheduled at 7pm at Emeril's that night. Golf at the Grand Bear is at 10am on Sunday. The rest of the time will be pool by day and gamble at night :lol:
    Happy July 4, everyone! Here's a toast to all who've toiled under the crush of humanity visiting the Magic Kingdom on July 4, this year and in years gone past, to create a magical experience for Disney's park guests under extremely hot and extremely crowded conditions!
    Thanks for your comments about my picture. My daughter and I just walked up on that family on some steps at Cinderellas Castle during a MNSSHP. We thought it was so funny to see super heroes tired. Guess they had been saving the world all day.
    Hey Doug! You better renew your PML subscription...You're missing out on my trip report...You have to see the pics of Tropicana...there were 31,000 people there...:lol::lookaroun
    There ya go! hightailing it when i mention coming to see you! I'm gonna start calling you James. :lookaroun
    Alright Doug, it's definite! We're coming to Biloxi on July 19th leaving on the 21st. Are we gonna meet for some golf at the Grand Bear and/or dinner at Emerils?
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