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  1. luv

    Chef's de France

    Bump. Sorry, no idea. Goat cheese - not my thing. Interested to see if anyone knows, though. :)
  2. luv

    Favorite World Showcase Restaurants!

    Restaurant Marrakesh, followed by Les Chefs and San Angel. I have never eaten in China or Japan and can't count those as better or worse. :)
  3. luv

    Coronado Springs or Caribbean Beach you decide!

    Coronado is the prettier, slightly calmer resort. Caribbean Beach is the cuter, happier place. The rooms at Coronado are soo much more relaxing. I'm going to vote for Coronado. :)
  4. luv

    Kidani Village--Best Room location

    I like rooms away from the elevator and vending. I don't want the noise. :) It's personal preference. I take what they give me, but am always happiest furthest from everything. :)
  5. luv

    The birthday trip...is...GGGGOOOOO!!!!!

    For two young people who are really into Disney, Pop is fine place to stay. It isn't one of the better places to stay, but it's in the bubble. And you're still young enough that you won't be craving a peaceful, calm place to welcome you at the the end of the day. :)
  6. luv

    Kidani Village--Best Room location

    I timed our walk from the lobby to the room. It was about five minutes and we were almost at the very end. It seems like forever, lol. But it's not THAT long. :)
  7. luv

    Rock Your Disney Side - 24 hour character party at Magic Kingdom

    For the Aid who works 12 hour shifts all the time without complaining - THANK YOU. Everything you do is appreciated. When someone comes back from vomiting in the bathroom to find fresh sheets, they love you. They want to thank you, but you're gone - off doing something for someone else. When...
  8. luv

    Browser Wars - Which browser is the most used on the WDWMAGIC forums?

    That was note resting to see. :) I have safari, but doesn't know what kind. The iPad kind. I only use it because that's what it came with and not because I have enough knowledge or experience to prefer one over another.
  9. luv

    My Disney Room!

    I bought a plush Minnie and Mickey and put them in front of the pillows in the guest room. They have giant 2011 things on their chests, but I'm not buying new ones every year, lol. The Larry Dotson pic of the ball, monorail and pretty flowers hangs in there and there is a Disney throw blanket...
  10. luv

    Ever wonder why the Mouse doesn't have a hotel dedicated to him?

    That's very cool! I bet a lot of character M&G junkies would be Wicked Witch green with envy! :)
  11. luv

    What's the biggest mistake Disney has made?

    It's not just the old folks. I don't consider myself old (my son might argue that) and I'm over the wristbands. Though, technically, I was never under them or a fan in any way. :) In another thread, people were discussing the newer technology that makes the billion dollar wristbands behind...
  12. luv

    what do to on arrival day

    I'd unpack, have a quick swim (maybe) and then go to bed. It takes a little extra time to fall asleep the first night and you all want to get a good rest before you set out on your first big day. :)
  13. luv

    Justin Bieber: Where is Usher (and/or other mentors)?

    He should plead Affluenza and go to a California spa instead of jail. ;) I hope this kid gets the help he needs.
  14. luv

    RIP Pete Seeger

    When I hear, "Goodnight, Irene", it is almost always being sung by drunken people or Jimmy Buffet fans...or drunken Jimmy Buffet fans, lol. It's a great little song. :) I saw Arlo at Epcot once. (Someone had to make the Disney connection.;))
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