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    Tell me About The Boardwalk Area!

    Personally it is our favorite resort area. Being able to walk to 2 parks is Awesome. As well as there being so much to do in that area. I suggest going at night. There is alot going on at the Boardwalk at night.
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    Port Orleans Fench Quarter questions

    Head over to POR and check out Bob Jackson in the bar. Kids are welcome and it's only about a 10 minute walk along the river.
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    what to expect at mvmcp

    You need to see the Parade and the Fireworks. What time are your reservations at Tony's?
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    WDW iPhone App ideas & Comments

    You have to pay for it... But I have and love Touringplans, I also have TalkDisney!
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    POFQ OR Caribbean Beach

    Check out
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    Port Orleans- French Quarter or Riverside?

    I coulnd't agree more!
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    "Por favor, mantenganse allejado de las puertas"

    Does anyone have this for a ringtone? I'm looking to get it texted if you have it...
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    December 2011 Roll Call!

    ME! 11/30-12/7 at BWV
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    Honeymoon / Romantic Idea Help

    Congrats to you and the soon to be Mrs.! I did this a few years ago. We checked in the night of the room only, We had to checkout the next morning and check back in for the stay with the package. The fortunite thing is we stayed in the same room. Instead of changing the first night how about...
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    We finally purchased DVC

    I did to... Resale at the Boardwalk! 230 points.
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    CSR Repeat or venture to POR/POFQ

    If you have young kids POFQ. It is smaller and easier to get around. It's my favorite Moderater Resort.
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    riverside a good hotel?

    I'm going with the majority on this one. We have stayed there numerous times and would not hesitate to stay again. We have never had a issue with the room not being clean. If you do I would hope you would call to have it cleaned. I second a previous poster go see Bob Jackson!
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    Advice Needed for Avoiding Crowds the First Weekend of December - Parade Taping

    STAY AWAY FROM THE MAGIC KINGDOM on parade taping day!
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    Booked a Mod, PORS, what to expect?

    These are the 2 resorts that we usually stay at. POFQ is my Favorite, It is smaller and easier to get around. It has a cool pool for the kids, And only 1 bus stop. The 1 thing that it doesn't have that POR has, You can not get a sit down meal. I hope this helps.
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    Mid December or early January?

    If you haven't seen WDW at Christmas time, You need to go in December. It's well worth it.:xmas:
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