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  • Reporting on the weekend before last! Thursday EPCOT was Empty. Friday and Saturday was busy lots of school groups there. I did everything I wanted to do.
    Glen, Glad you had a great trip. It was cool when I was there at Helloween, also crowds were larger. I am going back end of Jan. and have three more trips next year, two of them are just long weekends. If you join the Vacation club give them my name I think I get some perks. Did you take your daughter to see the new faries. when I was there the lines were two hour long. Ron
    Leave for a week on Tuesday. Will be at Not So Scary Helloween party both Tuesday and Helloween Should be a great time. Also spending time at Wine and Food festival. Since I was there a cpu[le of weeks ago I will be able to hit the spots I missed. Your trip will be soon. Ron

    I have been with Verizon for a little over 12 years now - started with Bell Atlantic.

    I have been on national staff for the last 4 years or so. As I said, attached to an engineering group, but I tend to be called on to support construction.

    All sorts of Phone type stuff :)

    Seriously though, i have done all sorts of stuff, from Installation and Repair foreman, to out of hours controll, to alarm monitoring, to subsurface infrastructure construction, to materials management, to productivity improvement, etc etc. Right now I guess you could say I do project management on a national scope. I am attached to an engineering group, but I often find myself supporting construction departments.

    Clear as mud ? :)

    Are you involved in phone type stuff as well ?

    Trip was great< I happened to run into an international cooking contest. That was my weekend trip, I go back for helloween for 7 days. I will let you know want is new . Ron
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