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    Mr Toad Re-opening!

    The swan boats were an attraction at the hub of the park. These boats navigated through the moat that you cross going into each land. I think the attraction closed in the 80's. I believe the loading area is now the Guest Smoking Area for the Plaza Restaurant at the end of Main St.. If you...
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    More Project Gemini News

    Its nice to see a little holiday cheer around here!:brick:
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    Views on the USA

    Actually, Canada was voted by the UN as the best country in which to live 7 years IN A ROW untill this year when Norway was chosen the best country. So untill your country gets this honour, you can 'shut up'. Our Country has much different values than yours. We are peacekeepers, we dont go...
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    Veterans Day

    In Flanders Field, the poppies blow, between the crosses, row on row, that mark our place, and in the sky, Larks still bravely singing, fly, scarce heard among the guns below Nov11 is Remebrance day in Canada, Lest we Forget the members of our armed forces, Past...
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    Disney World Canada??????

    Im close too, I live in Ajax!
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    Guns At Disney

    Yeah, lets give our kids fake guns to play with, but lets not stop there! Give them fake bombs too, its alright there only fake, we can make them with bright colours so they can be "fun"! Oh and 'toy' landmines, kids can burry them in their sand boxes, thats OK there not "real", just pretend...
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    2 specific qeustions...

    Hi Guys! I have a couple of questions that have to do with Disney. First, I was wondering if the Disney parks have the 'Interac" debit system that you can use to pay for merchandise? Second, does anyone have a picture of the sports store on Main St USA? When we move I am theming my...
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    It's Hockey Time!!!!!!

    Did you hear that the Queen will be dropping the puck at a Vancouver exhibition game? Not a thing I would picture The Queen doing. She is in Canada for part of Golden Jubilee tour of the "British Empire" countries.
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    Thanks WDW 100 Its nice to see a fellow POLITE, Canadian on the boards, who doesnt start bashing a board member for re-posting something!!! Thanks WDW 100 ! :)
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    SORRY SORRY SORRY Please disregard my post, i didnt realize it was already being talked about. Again lots of sorries!!!!!!
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    BREAkiNG NEWS: Walt Disney World will continue to host their 100 Years of Magic Celebration untill Feburary 28, 2003. It was planned to end at the end of the Year as previous celebrations did, but will be extended to give guests more time to get to Walt Disney World to see the celebration...
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    worst CM Costum

    Is it true that Main ST costumes are the only ones that are allowed in other parts of the park?, or is that the rail road costumes? Also what is the punishment for wearing a costume in the wrong land? I heard somewhere that in Paris there is a law that says that you cant inforce a dress code...
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    Muppetvision on the low????

    Muppet Vision 4-D will be closing, but not for good. The attraction will refurbished sometime in the nere future. While on the studio backlot tour (this was durring april) the guide told us this, and you could see some of the props for it while going through the wardrobe department. The...
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