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WDW Food Picture of the Day


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Sci Fi Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.



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Dave, we loved the Melalosaurus Mozzarella!!! We just ate there a few weeks ago see...

Yummy!!! As you could see I could not get a pic fast enough!!! :ROFLOL: As for the Seared Mozzarella with creamy marinara, I was told it was the sauce used for hot wings and a blue cheese combo... I loved it!


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We are getting near the end here folks

Peco's Bills Deluxe Burger (and a cookie)

Notice the cookie is not on the bill :)

I had to drive up to Georgia and back that morning, after making the 560 mile round trip in 7 1/2 hours, I pull into the WL and realize "wow, I haven't eaten since around 8 AM, and all I had was coffee and half a blueberry muffin". I look at my watch and its around 8:15, maybe I can book it over to the MK and hit up Peco's Bills.

So I get there and it is close to 9 (closing time) I am the last person through the line, and since it was so late they were cooking to order. So I had a bit of a wait, and was chatting with the CM's. Finally my food comes out and the CM behind the counter says something along the lines of "Woo Hoo, that's it, last customer, we are done!!!" So me being Mr. Smarty says "If I am the last customer, don't I win a prize?" She pulls the cookie out from under the counter and pretty much spikes it onto my tray and says "There you go, your official last customer of the night prize!" So yay, free cookie for me. :)

Can we discuss the amazingness of those cheese fries? I must be hungry but they look INCREDIBLE to me right now.

Party of 5

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I know those things look so good but all I keep hearing is they are weird.
I'm so excited to try these at VN. My husband's family makes these every year at Christmas time. [In his family, they are filled with a small piece of roast that's been stewed in the (spaghetti) sauce, then surrounded by a mix of white rice, a little spaghetti sauce, and parm cheese. Then dipped in egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs. Next stop: pan fry then serve with sauce.]

This year we will be celebrating Christmas at WDW, so of course we'll try the Epcot version. I can't wait, and I know it will be one added feature to make the whole vacation even more special!

Now, if only someone could post a photo with one of those bad boys in cross section so we can see what they look like in the middle!


I'm thinking I might do 2 reports. One for the attractions and what not, and the other for the eating. There is going to be a LOT of both!
John, Isn't this your Honeymoon Trip??

If so, Congrats & Good Luck!!:sohappy:

If not, nevermind, I musta been trippin'.......... :ROFLOL:


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Can we discuss the amazingness of those cheese fries? I must be hungry but they look INCREDIBLE to me right now.

That is the beauty of Peco's Bills. They have cheese sauce. It goes on everything. Burgers, fries, in your Coke, the cookie, etc. :)

Now if they only had some gravy to put on the cheese fries, we would be set.

The cheese is one of the reasons I only eat there once a trip. I don't even think about the fat calories I am consuming in there.



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I fear this thread will slow down with Black in the world! So I'll try posting a little more!

Can't remember if I posed this or not.... french toast with crunchy stuff (techincal term haha) on it from POP. Really good actually.
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