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  • Ain't Walt Disney World beautiful? I've learned alot about the park over the past years.
    Thanks, I know how you feel. Gave them 27 years, and I guess I just haven't had enough. Going to Tampa at the end of the month to talk to some people there about a job.
    No problem at all :)! Some people need to just relax a little. They take this stuff waaaaaay to seriously. And of it isn't the "top of the class members" who post it everyone wants to challenge it. That's not right. Everyone has the right to post what they want. It's called a rumor thread for a reason. Everyone needs to just chill and discuss :).

    Keep posting what you hear and don't worry about what other people think.
    No problem. Some of these guys here whine when there are no rumors. Then, someone posts one and all they want to do is discredit them because it wasn't one of the select few rumor posters from the forum. Forget them. The majority of us love to hear the rumors, so if you hear of any, don't hesitate to post them. Thanks for the info.
    No I dont. I havent been fighting for a LONG time. I wanna do it just to get back in better shape. Hockey 3-4 times a week isnt helping me.
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