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This looks fantastic! I've seen pictures of this before but forget what it is? Corn chowder of some sort? And what is that amazing looking swirl?
It's hard for me to recall. I want to say it was a lobster chowder or something of the sorts. And I am pretty sure the swirl was ranch. I know for a fact it was some kind of seafood. To die for. :slurp:


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How was this??

Really want to try this place whenever im lucky enough to return to the world??

Reviews are very mixed :shrug:
i really like tutto italia. i have been there twice and got the spaghetti both times. my bf got the lasagna and he said it was really good. it is kind of pricey though. i went for lunch both times and the spaghetti and meatballs is $19. if you are on the free dining plan (like i was) then it really doesn't matter what the price is, if the food is good.

The Deluxe Version :slurp:

that looks good! :slurp:

bbq ribs from the sci fi dine in theater. half were good, half were bad. probably wouldn't order again.



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Teppan Edo- a little disappointed in the portions

My better half actually enjoyed the dessert?

We miss you Black. Sorry you have to leave the Magic now.


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Via Napoli -

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Prosciutto E Melone - fontina, mozzarella, pecorino, prosciutto, cantaloupe

Family Salad option as well.

I'm a fan of melon and prosciutto, was a great combo on the pizza. Sweetness of the melon, saltiness of the prosciutto

Main Street USA

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OK, I leave in 7 days. Pictures of my food will be coming!

Upcoming pics:

California Grill
Kona Cafe
Crystal Palace
Chef Mickeys

...and hopefully, a few counter service meals. You've all inspired me to head back down to Sunshine Seasons soon to try the salmon and mashed potatoes.
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