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  • Hey I just finished reading ur trip report of Tim's first trip(since i couldn't get enough of the current jenny trip) aew you 2 are so sweet I love it!! and I'm a big softy so I cried a few times ,but mostly because I totally understand .My first trip ever was with my grandmother aunt n uncle n their 2 daughters I was 11 and I didn't do much because I didn't want to leave my gran hangin out by herself while the rest of the group was off doing stuff,I saw one parade and went on 3 rides through the whole week,and I can't help but feel her presence with me when I'm there now so I always get teary!!
    Hi there! I grew up in NJ, though I left many years ago and now live in GA. I like your profile name, very cute. I guessed right away that you were a Mary Poppins fan! LOL....
    Hi MillerPoppins! My name is Glenn and I live in Bridgewater, NJ. Just wondering where in Jersey you are at? It's always cool to meet local Disney fans!

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