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SSE postshow areas open!


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In one of the other photos, you can kinda see behind Super Driver and the globe. On that side, it's marked with a sign similiar to the other "Coming Soon" sign that popped up a few weeks ago. I assume that under the low-ceiling portion, one of the later areas will appear there.

So, the side/back walls of the globe are currently where they intend to expand into in the future... or so it seems.


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Just got back as well, it is really awesome in there. You are right Merf the Globe is directly in front of you as you exit, it is not fully circular as it is jutting out of a wall. Behind that wall is where the Cities of the Future exhibit will be located. The globe is very cool and looks to be the same as the Movie Balls over at Universal for the night show. It says at one point Coming Soon a Re-imagined Spaceship Earth (or something like that) it gave me chills and then it shows the shadow of a girl who is exploring her possible futures and they hint at certain things that may be in the new ride such as future cities, future cars and future medical techniques. hmmmm sounds similar to the post show.

As for the post show offerings, I can see issues once Epcot gets busier as they will be very popular and there are not a lot of kiosks. I did manage to try the Super Driver and it was fun, not great, but fun. They have multiple languages to choose from and then you basically become a 007 type character that must stop a evil spy. You have 5 minutes to race across a future landscape that includes cites, snow and, countryside using Seimens technolgy that will be available for cars in the future. How fast you complete your mission = your score/ranking. I am not good at video games and I got the top ranking so its pretty easy.

The Medical one was too busy to do, but all that were experiencing it seemed really into it. The look of the whole room reminds me of a cross between Space Mountains first few que rooms and old style Epcot, its a great atmosphere. It looks a lot larger than the old Global Nieghborhood (spelling??) and I believe all the screens above just showed the stars moving.

All in all it was very nice and exciting to see, oh and on the ride as you came out of the descent tunnel tonight was something I have never seen before, a wet paint sign just taped with blue tape onto the wall that surrounds the windows looking into the post show room. Looks like they were busy last night.


In the right of the photo "Racing Pod from back a few steps" the decor, structure and lighting instantly reminded of Horizons Futureport... hmmm...

I noticed that as well--I like what that, along with the rest of this post-show design, says about Siemens' intentions for the full ride rehab. I have a lot more hope for that rehab now that I see the style and mood of Project Tomorrow. (I'm still not wild about the reliance on mood lighting rather than Earth Station's daylight, but it looks great regardless...and it does help evoke that old Horizons spirit a little more.)

And, while I admit I was never much for the post-shows even in the glory days of EPCOT Center, I like that this one is actually exploring the ways technology will affect us in the future as opposed to being a general product showcase like, say, Innoventions and the Test Track post-show. That's what Future World used to be. That's what it should be. And with Project Tomorrow, I'm hopeful that WDI may see that it still could be.

Thanks for the photos, Yoyo!


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Very cool!

I love the retro arrow pointing paint scheme outside...even though I still wish the outside were repainted all blue and not pink/tan.

Those aren't the Earth Station screens. They are new screens, actually they don't even look like the Global Neighborhood screens. They are new screens entirely built right over the facets for what used to house the Earth Station screens. The Earth Station screens were 7 rectangluar screens. The Project Tomorrow screens are 8 screens, slightly smaller in dimensions, but right over the same area where the Earth Station screens were. The full ceiling height has been finally revealed again, but it looks like they took out all the old ceiling tiles, which is expected.

The nice open space, sleek retro look, etc is an excellent addition to Epcot! I just wish there was more to do in there, but other than that it looks really good!


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I'll be there on Sunday, and I'll take some more pictures as well as some video of the area.

I can't wait to see it in person!!! :D


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I don't know if it is just the angles at which the pictures were taken, but doesn't the space look alot bigger?


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YoYo - Thanks for dropping everything (except your pets) and rushing over to Epcot to snap some pics to share. Nice job!


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If everything else was not enough to get me excited about my trip this happens!!!! Loved the pics can't wait for more.



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I don't know if it is just the angles at which the pictures were taken, but doesn't the space look alot bigger?

I think it looks bigger because the full floor space has been opened up again.

Back during the Global Neighborhood era, they built side rooms for various exhibits like the giant phone with sound effects and stuff like that. With those torn out, it leaves a LOT of space.

Either that, or the new post-show area was designed by Dr. Who...



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The Project Tomorrow screens are 8 screens, slightly smaller in dimensions, but right over the same area where the Earth Station screens were...
Really? They look as low as the GN screens were. The Earthstation screens were 22ft above ground - are these around the same? What do I know though - I`m 3000 miles away! Assuming we`ll get full coverage of every detail in the coming days (not to knock these pics-they are great) can I ask the geeks here to get some bright pics of the screens and ceiling area?

Exciting stuff :D


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Here are my pictures. I'm working on uploading a video now.





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