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Disney+Foot Problems=What Shoes?


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I went from having to think about shoes/foot issues a lot during a Disney trip to never thinking about them at all. No moleskin, special anything - bare feet in crocks are the best thing I've ever worn.

I swear, they are magical. ;)


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I love crocs for their comfort.....they would be good to wear for a long day in the parks. However, I almost died due to wearing crocs at the wrong time. I was running outside to start my car in the dead of winter. Lots of snow on the ground, ice on the deck.....etc. I slipped and went flying off the deck and landed on the ground flat on my back, cracking my head on the bottom step. I had huge bruises all over my body. What a nightmare. Never again!!


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This is usually the worst part of vacation for me. I have flat foot which after a few hours of walking my feet start to throb in pain.

I usually go with Reebok sneakers now. I just ordered a pair online and they weren't what I was expecting so I'm a little disappointed. They are low cut which cuts my heel. Very bad mix between pain from the flat foot and then my heel bleeding to boot.

Always fun. I need some good comfortable sneakers.


I'm in the "bum foot" category too, and I always wear Merrell's to the parks. They're not as bulky looking as regular running shoes because the fabric is a tiny bit stretchy and molds to your foot more. Mine have mesh fabric in parts, so they dry out quickly if they get wet (SM anyone?) and keep my feet from getting all sweaty and gross when I walk around in the heat all day. I can't say enough about how comfy these shoes are! They're expensive, but it's worth it to me to pay the extra money and prevent foot agony.

I bought a pair of pink Mickey crocs last year at WDW b/c I'd heard people rave about how comfortable and light they were. I wore them to EPCOT the very next day, and needless to say, we didn't have the right chemistry and I had to tell my crocs that I wanted to be "just friends" and went back to my Merrell's. They're okay to wear when I run errands at home, but I'll never wear them for several hours of walking again!

I have pairs similar to both of these (I know I probably sound like it, but I promise I don't work for Merrell :lol:):




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Any soft soled-shoe (supposedly crocs included) can also get caught in escalators. Watch your step, or it could be your last!

From The Land last year:


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You might want to consider arch insoles in sneakers. I'm someone who lives in converse, and I always have arch insoles in them. My feet tend to "roll in", which really was more of a problem with ballet, which is what I do. But using arch support drastically changed the pain in my feet and helped my tendonitis, not to mention my dancing too. :)

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During the summer, I'll wear flip-flops or sandals. But when we go in the fall or winter (call me crazy) I wear my Docs (Dr. Marten boots). They are all I've ever worn since I was 13 (28 now). They are like slippers.


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I used to sell shoes at Dicks Sporting Goods Id recomend a crosstraining/hiking sneaker. They are light but heavier than a running sneaker and has a good tread on the bottom. Make sure the back is not too low and that they breath well. Also if you go more towards hiking, a lot of these are water resistant.

you are right, crosstraining sneakers are the way to go


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I know they are comfy but I just can't do sneakers and socks in the parks, esp. for my next trip (August) my feet just get SO HOT!!!! I'll end up having heat rash which is itchy and sore and so not worth it.

I always wear sandals, I may try the croc sandals this year, I just saw them in stores and they don't look nearly as hideous as regular crocs.

I had a pair of galdiator type sandals that were really cusihiony that I loved and I completelt wore them out. I may try to get the same kind again and keep the extra pair in my bag and switch when my feet are sore.

I'm too much of a fashionista to wear socks with them though :lol: I know it's probably comfortable but just too hot for me and I generally don't have problems with nice sandals

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