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  • I definitely recommend it! I have reached the excruciating point in my countdown when the hours of each day seem to go by as slowly as possible. lol
    Haha No, a banana isn't quite the same is it. I haven't been there for breakfast yet, but for dinner I love the coconut almond chicken..yum! One week from today that will be my dinner! Yay!
    That's great! I've been before and right after Christmas and it's definitely a great time to go. All the decorations and music really get you in the holiday mood.

    Enjoy it!
    Hey there...I just saw your signature in a thread and saw you're going to WDW soon. Just wanted to say have a wonderful trip!
    I took a picture of minnie!
    Well, I for one would never the question the existence of a 3 ft Malefiecent in someones home. That's just good Disney sense in my opinion. ha ha. At any rate, it makes for a great picture.
    Hi Goofykt,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Avatar. Everytime I see it pop up on one of the boards I crack up laughing. Is your dog asleep in that picture or have your trained him/her to "play dead"?
    Let me give you a little warning before you get your hopes up too much. Please understand that only about half of the restaurant has much of a view. One area, called the wine room has no view of MK at all. What everyone does have is access to is a special viewing area on the roof. Work with your server to coordinate the meal so that items aren't arriving as you want to watch the fireworks.
    You'll have to let me know how you make out!
    Being as we are a little past the age of running from one ride to another, we've been able to do a lot of experimenting with dining and it has become a big part of our trips. If you have any other questions, feel free to give a yell, either her or in a PM. One of these days, you'll need to look to try Victoria and Albert's for the ultimate (at least in Disney) dining experience.
    No problem. While WDWMagic does have menu's as well, allearsnet is an easier way to do a quick checkout of all restaurants. Sounds like your hubby has the same tastes as my wife (which is why I already have this researched and tested....wife happy=everyone happy).

    For a quick fix sushi, stop in at the Yakitori House (opposite Teppan Ido in Japan).
    Narcoossee's has some nice Ahi Tuna and Artisan Cheeses, as does Citrico's both at GF.
    There is Kimono's Sushi Bar at the Swan, and nice cheeses at Artist Point and Yachtsman Steakhouse.
    Finally...., there is a sushi bar at Wolfgang Puck Cafe in Downtown Disney.
    ...think that's it.

    Thank you! That is one of her many spots...she's basically claimed every piece of comfortable furniture in the house haha.
    So cute how Whiskers claimed the couch! It's adorable how they figure out a spot they like and stick with it.
    Aww he's adorable from what I can see! What's his name?

    Yes, I do. A 13 year old Maltese named Gucci. Here is my little spoiled brat...oh I mean my sweet little baby :lol::
    Minnie is crazy about peanut butter.When we visit we have to buy her peanut butter flavored milkbones from the store.And she is very over protective when it comes to her beard and eyebrows.My grandma said when she takes her to get groomed, minnie won't let them touch her beard. :lol:
    I've heard the movie was good but I have never seen it.

    She also acts like a dog version of garfield.Once at a BBQ someone accidently dropped their ribs and she was all the way on the other side of the room.Once the ribs hit the floor she ran all the way to the other side of the room where the ribs were in 1 second.She didn't eat her dog food for a week because all she wanted was ribs for dinner.
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