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Sep 12, 2001
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    1. SeaCastle
      Thanks for sharing them! To be honest, it was pure curiosity. I had always walked past that area but since since SGE rarely (ever) had a long line, I didn't think I would be able to see back there. It seems like one of the last of the "quiet" areas in WDW. Are you able to freely walk through there.
    2. SeaCastle
      I'd love to see them if you were willing to share them. Do you want my e-mail?
    3. SeaCastle
      I just saw your posts in the Stitch's Great Escape extended queue thread. They were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
    4. TheDisneyMagic
      Hey there, just deleted a couple of messages on there.

      Cheers for the reminder.
    5. Kingdom WDW
      Kingdom WDW
      Nice to see the site is back up again. :)
    6. Kingdom WDW
      Kingdom WDW
      I very much enjoy your website. I love to read all of the audio lists. :)
    7. blm07
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    The Haunted Mansion & Horizons
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    Main Street Electric Parade, Big Panic! & Jammin Jungle Parade
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    IllumiNations 25 A, Reflections of Earth, Remember Dreams Come True
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    Ohana & Pinocchio's Village Haus (tied for first), Electric Umbrella (to sit and talk), Pizza Planet
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    Donald & Stitch
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    The Lion King
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