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  • Yeah, it's been a bad year for Broadway. EVERYTHING'S closing. As soon as the economy picks up there will be a lot of vacated theatres waiting for a new show... I wonder what one of them could be...
    I love their new album.
    Like their music is good I don't care what people say.
    So I might HYPOTHETICALLY have the soundtrack, which I could HYPOTHETICALLY post on a file-sharing website, which you could then HYPOTHETICALLY download.
    The only catch is that it'll be a while, because my computer broke (I'm using my sister's), and, well... my computer isn't the only thing that's broke around here (me, for example), so it'll be a while before I could HYPOTHETICALLY post them.
    Let me know if that sounds like a good HYPOTHETICAL idea to you.
    You've got to be kidding me! As I was clicking to see the message you sent me, YOUR avatar was at the top of the page (the Hannah Montana thread), and I was thinking the same thing about yours and Phantom! Did you hear ALW is writing a sequel?
    Also, there are some pretty persistant rumors that Der Glock will be coming to the USA! Hopefully they won't water down the ending... do you have the soundtrack?
    I agree....and Mandy posted a bulletin on myspace saying that a bunch of haters got on fandango and they put a bunch of bad reviews about the movie so that it ended up being the lowest rated movie on their list! and i voted for kids choice. but the commercial keeps saying that its their first year performing on the show but i could have swore they did last year. didnt they? or did they just get an award? I know they were there...i just cant remember what they did lol.

    and demi wasnt nominated for anything. that made me sad :(
    i know im so happy they're coming!!! its 155 days til they come to Ft. Lauderdale lol.

    I really want to go to the one in Tampa but i cant cuz my grandma takes me to concerts and she broke her arm so she's out of work for at least another month so we can only afford to go to one this time :(

    wow u went to see the movie 6 times. i wish i went that many...i only went once. :(
    i really hope it comes out on DVD lol.

    so...which shows u goin to on the tour?
    omj. wow. that bites. but im sure u had fun anyways lol.


    and i love EARTHQUAKE!!!! :)


    I only saw it once but man it was amazing!

    and now they're announcing tour dates! omj!
    I cant wait to know where they're going!!!! :)
    i agree with u. its like the slowest site ive ever been on in my life. and it always quits responding on my computer! grrr. lol. but i too am looking forward to figuring out how to use it better and getting more involved in it. I cant believe how some people have like 900 points. How do u even get them? I mean I have 41 but im not totally sure how i got them. I know I got some for joining a group and some for filling out my profile but thats the only things I know that I did to get points. lol. its quite confusing.

    did u make an account on FAN FAMILY EXPERIENCE????
    omj...ive been checking team jonas and myspace all day! NOTHING!! NO ANNOUNCEMENT!!! WHAT THE JONAS!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    lol. and yeah I know its in the Summer but I was thinking maybe they were coming to the US in the summer and the "world" in the spring. idk. but either way im so excited and extremely anxious lol.


    OMJ! Of course I did. They were so flipping adorable. And I have a feeling (and im seriously hoping) the big announcement is a tour!!! ahh!!! cause they've already said they're going on tour this year (WORLD TOUR) so im thinking they're giving dates!!! And did you hear about "TONIGHT"? The music video!!? AHHHH!!! im soooo excited. lol
    omj couldnt agree more. lol. and ojd is very very extremely painful. to think how much u love the 3 of them and to know that there arent really that many others in the world who love them as much...its a KILLER feeling. Also knowing that the chances of meeting them are very slim...that just makes me die inside. But Im still extremely optimistic as far as they go lol.

    and I too have lost ALL respect for Taylor. She drives me nuts. And I used to be a pretty big fan and then I heard about them and I went home and deleted all her songs off my iPod and iTunes and my mom had bought me her new album for Christmas (and it was the only thing I had asked for so far so I KNEW she got it) and I was like take it back. She did. And my whole family thinks its really funny because we're all pretty big country fans and we'll be listening to a country radio station in the car and one of her songs will come on and ill jump to the front seat and change the station.

    and thats cool about ur Christmas stuff. I got a new laptop, the newer video iPod, a chi straightner, black and green converse, and a Shane Gray blanket from Target lol. :)
    Thank you! I was pretty sure I was right lol. I agree with you. People ask me all the time "how are u in love with him? you dont know him" Well I do know him. I know all 3 of them very very well. Its kind of odd ill be sitting in my room, and ill start talking to a poster of one of them and ill literally carry on a conversation with myself (pretending they are talking too) bcuz i pretty much have a good idea of what their response would be to many of my questions and statements. Maybe not the exact words but the basic idea. And like you said people think all jonas brothers fans are like the fake ones. And sometimes I wonder do Nick, joe, kevin and their mom and dad know that REAL fans exsist? I mean we're pretty rare. Its like this girl I met at a JB concert in Atlanta. She was in love with them (supposedly) we became pretty good friends and we exchanged numbers and have been txting each other ever since. The other day we were talking (about the whole JAYLOR breakup) (my signature was "Team Joseph") and she was like "Oh I love taylor and im not taking sides because really none of us know the real story except the 2 of them". That really upset me. Seriously? If you supposedly "love" Joe...you should trust him. I believe joe one million bajillion percent. Taylor wanted to twist things around...its what she does. Anyways I told her that we apparently both had oppinions and that everyone is entitled to an oppinion. Well about a week later she texted me and I said something about the Jonas Brothers and she was like oh...well im really not that into them anymore...I really dont care about them. WHAT??? how do u go from madly in love with someone to eh i dont care. So she was a temporary fan??? uhhhh!!!! And there are tons of fans who are just like that. IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!

    but anyways how was your Christmas? Did you get everything you wanted (besides a JoBro.?)
    You're very lucky! Im definitley not a poser fan though...they definitley drive me crazy. Right now im bidding on ebay for its about time but who knows if Ill get it. Im going to try to got to the games this year its definitley on the top of my list. Right now i really want to go to TN for the concert but I cant :( oh well. I cant wait for next tour though. And I dont understand what ppl have against kevin either. Kevin is AMAZING! What really gets me going are the girls who go "WHAT DO U MEAN FOUR JONAS BROTHERS??? THERE'S ONLY 3! WHAT YOU MEAN THERE'S A LITTLE ONE TOO???!!!!" that is so annoying. How do you not know there are 4 of them. GRR! lol.

    I get way more upset about fake fans than I should though. And if someone gets a Jonas fact wrong I have to correct it. Ive gotten into alot of arguments over that kind of stuff. Im not sure why it annoys me soo much but it does. People who say Nick has type two diabetes and that his favorite color is orange really gets on my last nerve. And my "friend" who is supposedly has ojd keeps attempting to correct me on the words to burnin up. She swears in the rap part that they say "....stop drop and roll and touch your toes..." and im pretty sure its "....stop drop and roll and touch the floor...".

    But you've had to deal with it longer than I have. I wish I could say I have been a fan for that long lol. But its going to be two years next month! TWO AMAZING YEARS LOL
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