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Donald Duck
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  • Thanks for the friend request! I was confused at first because I thought we were already friends:lol:

    Loved your trip report-thanks for sharing it with us! We totally loved looking at your food pictures! :slurp: I'm surprised to hear you're not going to be staying at the Poly when you return in January!
    Hey there...I saw your signature in a thread that you're leaving soon for WDW. Just wanted to say have a wonderful trip and enjoy the beautiful Polynesian!
    When in Dec are you going? Im thinking of taking a short trip the second week...How are crowds then?
    Hey man, back from the trip and it was great! Can u help me out with a few threads in the resort section? I visited the poly twicwe on my trip and fell in love with it
    Hey there if u get a chance check out my new thread in the general discussion, its my absolute final ADR's, id love to hear ur views on them
    ive a newer thread in the general discussion with the rest of my ADR's do i need to make an ADR for Kona for Breakfast???
    What is LEFSE??
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