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The Mom
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  • Hi Marcia!
    Hope the travellers made out well last weekend.
    Clemson girls had a really good weekend! DD's boat, varsity B 8+ got third in the womens 8+ open. Very satisfied.

    What race numbers were your guys in? How did they fare?
    The guys are heading up without the wives this year- cheaper in the long run. I'll be home passing out treats to the kids. And resetting all the clocks, plus changing batteries in the smoke detectors.
    You and your husband travelling up to Head of the Hooch this year? If so, you'll need to stop by and say hi to the Clemson team!
    I'm on it, Marcia - thanks for the heads-up. Tramp and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    oh wow, thanks for the FYI.

    I am in San Juan, but Omar shot east, so SJ itself is safe. Just cloudy as hell.
    Will pass the news on to as many people as I can. And I'll be sending those prayers and good thought too.
    Thanks Jer! I don't have time right now to post a message on all the "oldtimers" pages, but hope people will read it on each other's pages.
    Oh Wow, Marcia :O Poor Rich! :(

    Keep me up to date ok?

    Tell him I said hello... and that I send good thoughts his way.
    Actually, that is the date of the new website format- I was a member of the old one, also. My birthday is January 5th, which is still too close to the Holidays. I have a niece and nephew both born on December 20th...that's REALLY too close to Christmas!
    I see that your b-day is in June.
    All 3 of my kids were born in June.
    One actually the day after you!
    June is a busy month for us...I'm just glad that they weren't all born in December (because of Christmas).
    It's funny how small RI really is, seems one way or another someone knows somebody who either is from here or still lives here. I grew up in Coventry, but hubby and I live in West warwick.
    Hopefully we'll make it out next Sunday morning, have my fingers crossed !!Yes we've done Logan before, and know how crazy it is, but the Airfare we could'nt pass up!!!!
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