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  • I'm so glad that you feel that you are the only TRUE American. Your self righteous bull shi t has made you a mockery on this site, Your inccesnt need to mock me and call me names is proof enough that you're an immature liberal who probably needs to be monitored by the NSA.

    Good day sir.
    You know, you have been on this board for a while and a lot of people have given you flak in the past, whether you are aware of it or not. I have always treated you with respect and have taken up for you when people thought that you had treated them with disrespect.

    True, you do not know me personally but you have read enough of my posts to know that I try to treat people the way they deserve to be treated and will not tolerate bullying from anyone.

    I agree that my comment about Democrats was uncalled for and I did backtrack and apologize for using that word instead of the broader term that I should have used...politicians. I believe the moderators and Steve know my personality enough that my public retraction of that comment speaks for itself.

    When I am wrong, I admit that I am wrong. The only person that called me out on it is someone that is a friend of mine on these boards...something that I see you are totally lacking on.
    I love the Bruce Willis mention in your signature Slappy! I live in Bruce Willis land. He grew up in the town next to me. How's slapperina doing, getting but I bet!
    Hey, I'm sorry but I don't think I did. The notification thing is relatively new to me, and this is the first time I even saw this one, so if you sent me one before, please don't think I was ignoring you on purpose or anything.
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