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  • I am great...just hanging with Maggie and Drew..she will be 4 in August and does not have a feeding tube anymore....:)

    All is wonderful here...

    How are your boys?
    Hi Debbie! It's great to see you! Kara and John are great- and now there's another one! He's 5 weeks old and his name is Jack. Kara adores him. How are things with you? What's new?
    Debbie!!! So good to see you're back! I hope you're doing well. Things have been great- I'm loving married life and couldn't be happier. We're living in England right now and I'm still adjusting to it. My brother is working as a lawyer in NYC.
    Debbie! So good to hear from you. Just trying to make it through another sticky summer; this is when we pay dearly for our mild winters. Laura (25) just started working for US News & World Report as a web designer, and Chipper (16) is going into his Junior year. The nest is emptying out.
    We are well. Terry is 17 and Don 14. I'm still bartending full time. The recession has hit us too and we have no choice but to tough it out.
    Do you keep in touch with (Sponge)Scott? I've sent him messages and no response. I'm trying to see who is still around. Gonna try to join the PML when I get a chance.
    Great to hear from you---Debbie
    Debbie!!! ((HUGS)) I have thought about you so often, it's so good to hear from you. We are all well here, suffering from the recession, but then so is everyone else LOL

    How are you & the kids doing?
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