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  • RIP Rich...:(
    Thank you for all the sweet messages you would send about Maggie..I appreciated will be missed..:D
    Rich, nothing needs to be said that you don't already know. Enjoy your extended visit to the Magic Kingdom. We'll all be there soon enough to party together.
    Hi Tramp
    It's your old buddy Mr Lightbeer just thought I'd drop by and say hi,
    hope you and your family are all well. Our last visit was at The Poly last August, we had a fantastic three weeks and are just starting to get itchy feet for another trip.
    Take Care
    Col & Trish
    My goodness! I hate it when bad things happen to people I care about! And especially since you don't smoke. Sometimes I don't understand the world at all!

    Grad school is going pretty well. Taking a class called Deconstructing Disney this semester. Doing my research paper on trying to understand the Disney Creative process. Hopefully I can succeed. If it comes out okay, do you want to read it? :)

    Also - Am trying to expand my creativity through my blog. I need to update it more often though. I don't usually come to visit Magic cause of my schedule. I mainly stay around Twitter and facebook.

    I think you should come to Disneyland to celebrate getting all the bad stuff taken care of! You guys could even borrow me as your photogapher ;).
    Hey...wait a minute. I thought Obama was gonna pay for college tuition?


    Will Alan be working in Jacksonville?
    Hey Tramp! Welcome to the world of paying college tuition! Vassar, eh? At least it's not too far away.

    Alan is off taking his "Citizens on Patrol" class. Last week, he road on the police driving course while they did high speed maneuvers. I don't remember what they're doing tonight.

    At some point, he'll be going to the police firing range(but I don't think he can bring his own gun) , and will also be riding along in a patrol car for a shift or two.
    Hey Tramp! Welcome to the world of college students. The first year is a er, but it gets better. Hope you're feeling better; thanks for the note.

    You might want to google the Joe Berg Society, then get back to me. ;)
    Been missing you around here buddy. Hope all is going well with you and your family. Drop me a quick line if you get a chance and put an old friend's mind at ease. Hope you have a happy and blessed holiday season. Love, Snuzi
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