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  • You're welcome, Tim! I hope you have a magical week, too! Hope the weather is nice for you there in Berlin....Tomi
    I think Marcia is a great person and all the moderators do a good job of cleaning up the forum.

    That's exactly what The Mom did...she cleaned up that thread...which is what they need to do, moderate the forums - not interpersonal relationships.

    Trust me...I've had my run in with other members, but sometimes we all need someone to step in and say "whoa, step back for a minute." Sometimes what seems like a personal attack really isn't, as it's hard to read people intentions.

    However, sometimes a personal attack is just that, and then it's time to hit the report button and let the powers that be either delete the post and or take sanctions against the poster. BTW...they are not in the habit of letting you know what they might have done to the other person either.

    Hi Tim,

    Beer muscles refers to when people drink they think they are the toughest guy around and start fights with others. They don't really have any fighting skills or muscles but think they do because they are drunk. I think perhaps in what he was refering to was people talking tough over the internet where they can't do anything about it. Kind of like Jimmy Thick :rolleyes:.
    Ahhh, I see. Wow, what a douchy thing to say to someone! Especially coming from a newbie on a site to someone who's been there for like 4 years. Plus, shades seldom make one look like a dork.

    Oh, I don't mean to put any pressure on you, Spike! No worries, whenever you get a chance to get back to me is fine. I just hope things have gotten better for you and that you're gearing up for your trip now. Have fun and don't worry if you don't get a chance to write till after your trip, I'm just happy to hear from you. Have a wonderful time!! Especially at the Poly!!
    Thank you for getting back to me! Have you ever been to the states before? Or Disney? How about Disney Paris?

    Do you think it's harder to learn German or English? I know in English there are so many exceptions to the rule. I wish we were forced here in America to take a foreign language but we're not. We can take them if we choose to and then each school is different in what they offer. I definitely wish I would've taken one. So I really encourage my kids. A lot of people think spanish is the way to go but I want them to take what they want.
    Hi Spike, I noticed your trip is just around the corner! We aren't going till next year but we're also staying at the Poly. I'll be interested to see your posts, if you make them, about your trip and how you liked the Poly.

    This is way off topic and maybe a bit strange but my son wants to take German in a foreign language class next year.

    Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful vacation!
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