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  • Ohh, got it!!!! I was thinking that the child swap got you into the FP line for some reason. Makes sense now! Thanks!!!
    So basically grab 2 FPs for BTMRR and then do a rider swap at SPlash then head to BTMRR and use one FP then the other? Couldn't you just do the rider swap again at that ride?

    I think using FPs would be best on a ride that the child can go on. Like grab FP for Pooh, and a swap pass for Splash.
    We definately want to minimize time apart.
    Hi. So I have a question. How do you use the FP and rider swap together. Do you both go in line together or what?
    Howdy! When we go in September our daughter Avonlea will be 20 months. So it's going to be a very different kind of trip. The only thing I have reservations about is waiting in lines by myself when we have to do rider swap. Otherwise, I really can't wait to see her experience everything even if I ride nothing.
    I've been MIA but wanted to follow-up on our trip to DLR. I felt exactly like you did!! It was great, and so nice to experience a Disney resort, but it didn't really give me that "feeling" as if you had really gotten away from it wasn't the same. DH mentioned that there's some really good deals on the DLR hotels right now but honestly I was like, "Eh...lets wait and got to WDW!" (Although I'll betcha staying OP at one of the DLR hotels makes a big difference)
    I see from your siggy that you guys just got back from DLR 10-09. Can you tell me more about it? We're going to hit it on our moving trip back west. I haven't been to DLR since 2004 and since we've been to WDW 5 times. Needless to say, I'm not sure how to re-approach DLR since we've been WDWed. So tell me all about it!
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