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  • heard through the grapevine you have an extensive music collection... any way you could share? I'd glad send whatever is needed for materials / postage
    I'm just finishing cd 7 (I had to bring them into work today, and am taking notes on post its! lol!), and it's my favorite so far haha. Thanks again!!!
    that would be AMAZING. My poor itunes is severely lacking in the Disney music department (I feel like I've been neglecting it!). :)
    Which address do you need? a house one or email?
    I've already started USING my journal, and it's still 26 days away! I've been making notes of different foods to try, things I haven't seen yet, where the bars are at.... :rolleyes: You can tell the last time I was there, I was still in my teens!
    Haha... we'll both be wearing birthday buttons, and he's going to have a first timer trip one on as well. Soo.... hopefully we get some sort of excitement out of it! Free cake anyone?? :D
    Don't worry, I've already bought a new sd card for my new camera (which Dan so wonderfully got for me for Christmas), and we were talking about getting at least two more for the trip. Pictures galore!! And I even have a journal to help with my TR. ;)
    Oh, we will, don't worry! haha. I got Dan to agree to wear his Birthday button during the whole trip (he wants everyone to know how special he is)... and he's got his "Support Our Troops" hoodie with the Storm Troopers on it all ready to go.
    Guess who leaves for Disney in a month??? Me!!!!!!!! How many times do you think we'll end up riding Star Tours? :lol:
    Gotta say, I've been watching your countdown since the 500s and I'm so excited for you guys that it's down to less than a year! :lol:
    Well that sounds like fun :lol: Yeah, can't say I've had that kind of exceitement in a while...
    lolz why thank you! merry christmas lance hope your family is well :)
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