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  • Yep BLT is on my list as well.
    I've already got the Boardwalk Villas (Boardwalk View) booked for 5 nights next July. And I'm hoping to follow it up with 7 nights at the Wilderness Lodge Villas(Saratoga Springs is my backup). That should make for an awesome 12 night vacation.
    I'm just a little bit short on points to swing Bay Lake Tower. So I'm thinking in 2011 or 2012 I'll try it.
    Glad you loved staying in Jambo house. What a place! It probably now my favorite resort in WDW.
    I'm not on Facebook yet. I'm holding out. We'll see how long I last.
    Welcome to WDW Magic. I see you're going to the AKL next week. That place is so awesome!! Have fun!!!
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