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    First trip to Kidani Village - Advice?

    We're DVC members, and a reservation opened at Kidani Village in just a week, so we jumped on it. Now we're planning a last minute trip there and we haven't stayed at AKL or Kidani Village before. I've done research on the basics, but any advice for maximizing time there? I'm looking forward to...
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    Frozen Fireworks - Best View?

    I've never watched fireworks in Hollywood Studios before - can anyone recommend a good place to see the new Frozen show? We're planning a last minute trip in just 10 days and now that the Frozen Summer stuff is a possibility I need to know as much about it as I can.
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    Making the Most of Christmas -> New Years Week

    We're planning on DHS for NYE because we don't want to even try the crowds at MK or Epcot. And we aren't even going to MK until New Years Day. Otherwise we're trying to stick to the parks that might be less crowded. Opening AK on NYE hoping that it won't be as crazy as Epcot or MK. My family...
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    Making the Most of Christmas -> New Years Week

    Hi all! Going on a rather impromptu trip next week that I just found out about and I'm looking for advice. I know this time of year is the highest as far as crowds, so does anyone who has been during the week of New Years have any advice to make the most of the parks while they're packed with...
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    Fastpass+ and In-Park Fast Passes?

    We have Fastpass+ set up for each day of our trip and I understand how it works, but my question is can we get additional Fastpasses in the parks on the day of our trip? I've looked for this answer in other places but can't seem to find it. If we have a Fastpass+ for a certain attraction in the...
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    First Stay at PO: French Quarter. Any advice?

    We've been to Disney many times but this is our first stay at the French Quarter. Any advice for making the most of the hotel? Also what's the best way to use transportation? We're going next week and know it will be packed and want to get everywhere as efficiently as possible with those kinds...
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    Princesses getting new look

    I really like the new Belle dress. Belle is my favorite princess and I always hated the bright acid yellow color they made her dress in the parks when it's supposed to be more of a soft golden color. I also really like Cinderella's redesign. They both work really well for me. I'm excited to see...
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    Princesses getting new look

    The internet tells me these are the official new portraits. Tumblr is currently having a meltdown over these.
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    Staying Onsite For The Magic.

    Oh this is absolutely why we always stay on-site. In fact, most trips, once I get into WDW I refuse to leave for any reason until we are leaving to go home. I don't turn on the news in my hotel room (only WDWToday and Stacey for me!) and I don't watch any show that I could get at home, if I...
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    What not to do at the World...bringing this for the first time

    Find some way to designate your stroller from other people's. We've been going long enough that I can remember when my little sister needed a stroller, and my dad plastered it with duct tape and tied a bandanna around both handles so we all could spot it really fast. No one ever took our...
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    An extra day or a better resort?

    Thanks for all of these responses! Right now we're booked at OKW for 7 nights. I am bummed about it but the family took a vote and that's the result. We spend a lot of time in the parks so we all agreed to extend that part of the trip rather than stay at the best resort in WDW. We're hopefully...
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    An extra day or a better resort?

    I'm planning to book a trip to Disney in June. I can afford either 6 days at the Wilderness Lodge Villas (we're DVC members, so we only have a certain number of points) or 7 days at Old Key West (our home resort). We've stayed at both places before and they're both very nice, and I'm lucky to...
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    Would you be weirded out if...

    I get creeped out just by thinking how many family's vacation photos I'm in the background of, much less sharing information like that on camera for someone to take home with them. I love talking to other guests in line and swapping Disney trivia or advice, but we mostly only talk about our...
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    Opinion: Gut Mickey's Philharmagic, Put In Dark Ride

    That is a very interesting point. I never really thought about it that way before, but it's entirely true. I was much more impressed with the Urusla and Lumiere animatronics that are a part of the new FL than I was with TSM when it first opened.
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