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    The British Invasion leaving Epcot?

    Good News! Beginning Tuesday, May 3, Epcot will welcome a new four-piece, high-energy band to the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot to replace The British Invasion. Spanning decades of popular British music, every set is an epic concert and every show is a chronological journey with random...
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    Next Generation Fastpass?

    I would not read too much into this. One thing to keep in mind is that Fasspass does work differently at different Disney Resort destinations. Patents applied here may be intended for use in other parks worldwide. At Disneyland Resort Paris for example, they currently do offer different...
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    Room to Package?

    Although everything both Master Yoda and MontyMon stated was 100% correct, another option for you is to add Key to the World Tickets to your current room-only reservation. To do this you must have booked your reservation directly with the Disney Reservation Center by phone or Internet. If you...
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    Bounce-Back Offers Explained! Currently those staying at a Disney owned and operated Resort at Walt Disney World "may" find a bounce-back offer in their room upon arrival. The key word is "may" as the offer is only posted in our resort rooms as need from time to time to drive bookings for...
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    Question about Promotion Dates

    This does depend on the individual offer however, the general rule of thumb is as follows: If the promotional discount involves the room price (30% off, etc.) then the discount will only apply to those nights within the advertised travel dates. If the promotional discount involves other...
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    Pin code logic, still a mystery

    The Mysteries of PIN offers revelled... Disney will proactively send PIN Offers (also know as Direct Mail offers) to random Guests by E-mail or postal mail. The mailing will not include a package code, but will include a PIN number with a reminder for the Guest to mention their PIN when calling...
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    Surprise Character Phone Call

    Although Disney has had previous marketing offers that included a call to your home by Mickey Mouse to announce your upcoming trip, currently this service is not available. When you call to book your reservation however, be sure to let us know "What Will You Celebrate!" Although it is never...
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    Booking on line with a Pin Code??

    Although Disney has in the past experimented with allowing select PIN codes be booked online (the offer included a specific web page for Guest to visit) all current PIN offers do require you to book by phone with Disney or by using a Travel Agent. Also note, the number of rooms allocated to...
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    Magical Express

    To confirm... Kamikaze is correct in that you cannot use the “luggage only” service of Disney’s Magical Express. Guests must participate in the motorcoach transportation (on the same day) in order to receive the luggage transfer service to their resort. CleveRocks is correct in that...
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    Childrens dining plan upgrade

    To clarify and confirm... All Walt Disney World Magic Your Way Packages may only be priced and sold based on the actual age of the each Guest upon arrival, and each and all of the components of that package (park tickets, dine plans, airfare, etc.) can only be sold at the appropriate prices...
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    Is it possible to book Dining Plan without MYW package?

    Mousefan1972 is 100% correct, but just to confirm and clairfy... The Disney Dining Plan is not sold separately. There are currently three ways to include the Disney Dining Plan with your 2010 stay: As part of a Walt Disney World Magic Your Way Vacation Package - Package must include a...
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    AP Rate - Voucher no longer accepted?

    To confirm... You will be able to present an Annual Pass Voucher upon check-in as long as the voucher is activated within 24 hours. I do apologize you were giving incorrect information. Also note, Annual Passholders are not often asked to show their active pass upon check-in because the...
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    POP Century Preferred Room?

    Preferred Room at Disney's Pop Century Resort - Classic Years are located in select rooms of the 50's, 60's and 70's buildings.
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    Staying at two resorts

    It's great you wish to stay at two of Disney's Resorts, however please keep in mind this would require you to book two separate reservations. This means you will have two separate reservation numbers, pay two separate deposits, and if you wish to book your stays as vacation packages you would...
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    POR Fridge

    To clarify... All rooms at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort do have dorm-sized refrigerators and 4 cup coffee makers. These are standard amenities at no extra cost. The two story Alligator Bayou Section buildings do not have elevators. The three story Magnolia Bend Section...
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