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  • Ugh, sad part is the 'rents would probably more okay with a marriage than a couple's trip to Disney.. I mean, what would they tell their friends - their daughter is going on a vacation with her boyfriend.. they're staying in a room together *!alonee!*! - how EMBARRASSING.

    Yep, one of those. And yet - my mother wears her flannel nightgown in his presence. Huh.

    Good thing he loves me regardless of my weddinggawker-ing, Disney obsession, and puts up with traumatic parental dealings, seeings as I am the first child. ;)

    (Have you figured out what you're doing for pix yet? And dresssses <3)
    I am LOVING their photography - but 4000$, rough. I was so, so excited when I found it, I am in loooove with wedding things.. it's kind of sad. As long as I don't tell Cameron, however, I should be good! =)
    Girl. Girl seriously. I don't want to get over enthusiastic, but I am $h***ing a freaking brick.
    You will never guess what I found on weddinggawker.
    Well you probably can, because it's weddings and we're on WDWM..
    DISNEY WEDDING BLOG HOLY CRAP. Thought you'd appreciate (sent it to Nicole via FB, hahah).
    Lovelove - http://rootweddings.com/blog/category/disney/
    Wow - the Wine & Dine was really good for rare characters. Chip & Dale were there in their Spectromagic attire, along with their piano float. Likewise, I got a photo with a Fantasia hippo and ostrich. :D

    Goofy was in his spectro lite-bright clothes so I stopped for a snap with him.

    Still no Hades. :lol: I don't remember really seeing villains last night.
    So get this...the hubby wants to run it with me! Yay!! He's not a big runner, but it will be so fun to do it together!!
    Thanks Holly!! I'm really enjoying your TR too! Sure wish we were at the World at the same time and could meet in person! I wondered if you two weren't running the Princess Half next year.
    Hey Holly! Congratulations on your engagement! I guess I need to wander over and read the report!! I have a Q for you though...about the Princess Half Marathon. I'll be doing the 2011 one and I'm so excited! DH and I are staying OP though. What is the best way to get to the start? DH can just drive me if that is possible.
    A week long cruise...tough life! :p I'm getting close to committing to the Princess Half, with a group of friends(Coast-Guard related). Someone brought it up and a bunch of us have jumped on board. Honestly I haven't had Disney on the brain realistically...I mean we live SO FAR away now! At least it feels that way. I figured maybe we'd try Disneyland. But I miss my WDW. Anyway, I'll let you know if I sign up for real. I shared your trip report with my friends too...they wanted to get a good idea of what to expect. I was like, "I have the perfect thing for you!" ;-)
    I ran my first Half Marathon yesterday!! 1:57:04, not bad! I kept thinking how cool it would be to do the WDW or DLR Half Marathon, I so wish! They had a huge booth at the expo too, with the medals...ahhhhh, I want one!
    No, that's fine. It looks GREAT. I just think if I DO get one Ill just buy it. That table service meal does not seem worth it to use a meal credit on...
    Love the "model" picture of the pool area. I know I've seen some discussion about this effect, but if you could explain how you achieved it, I'd be grateful.
    You always have great pictures...composition and exposure!
    HollyBelle, are you going down for the marathon this year??? I loved the trip report you wrote last year on it and was looking forward to another report this year????
    I just reviewed your TR back in October of last year! Looks like DH and I may be taking a last minute trip and I had to learn about F&WF! He'll love the Sam Adams presentation. Any other presentations not to miss that you can recommend?
    I am! My wife and I are going to be there for all of Marathon weekend. She's hoping to do the 1/2 for the first time and I am going to do the full. Can't wait!

    I am on a graduated training schedule that calls for 28 miles this week, with a little more next week, and a little more after that. . .
    wow, how about that lightningqueen, huh? :lol: "someone" posted about some ginger dessert. . . oh well, I guess she was too busy figuring out her dining plan credits to appreciate the effort you put into providing information and photos on the restaurant.

    I was going to post this in her thread, but decided just to give you props here instead of being all negative "out there"

    thanks for the info on 9 Dragons, Holly!
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