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  • Hey girl! I thought you posted this in your TR, but I can't find it now.. I was wondering where you got that neon green tank with Mickey giggling on it from?
    I got it at the Walm in Orlando! They had a ton of Disney stuff. It was like $13!
    Lol! Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm a Psych/Sociology major's dream come true. That was part of why I loved all the Psych classes in college so much. I identified with soooo much of the stuff we learned about. Hahaha! If genetics plays a role at all, I'm doomed. Seriously. My folks are well medicated. LOL!
    Hey girlie! Yeah, I know those people and they aren't crazy or anything. A lot of the stuff they say like "We don't use the word d-o-l-l" is part of the schtick the creators of the Cabbage Patch Kids started. They've twisted so much to sensationalize it. Lol! Here's a link where I talked a lot about it:


    I'm never growing up! I love all my Cabbage Patch Kids soooo much! I make stuff for Ellie Boo and have my favorite rare special editions displayed with retro a retro baby bed and stroller. Looove to redress them, fix their hair up, etc. I don't do play with them like that every day but it's fun when I get a few minutes to pluck one from the shelf and primp it. And just think! I had sons. These are my girls and they wear real baby clothes so I get to have all the fun buying fun ensembles for them that I didn't get to with the boys! I guess I am nuts, huh? Lol!
    OMg we should add on facebook,you might get a kick out of some of my disney cakes too!!!
    Ok I tried sending this on twitter (lol) but it won't let me since you don't follow me... Which is weird. But I'm kortni24. I didn't think when I signed up on here to make it the username I use everywhere else. Bad form on my part! :)
    ...last time...I swear...
    Never ever ever cut down a post to me to shorten! Crazy woman! I neeeeeed other people to get all talky-talk so I don't feel like such a when I do it. LOL!

    I can't wait for our 2-week adventure, too. Ohhh...you'll have your cruise before us, too. I can't wait for THAT! I just booked us a private family portrait sitting in World Showcase prior to opening to day guests for one morning in our trip. I can't wait to do THAT!!!
    Love your summer job! So cool! Where exactly does this put you in the realm of Parks Canada??? The one time we went to Canada was to Niagara Falls for my youngest BiL's wedding. We went to some fort in that area and visited a few different public parks. The wedding was actually in a little chapel between Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake. I forget the town name. It's where some historical chick who supposedly did some crazy great thing delivering a message or something prior to some important battle or something is from. I know you're totally either rolling around laughing at my 'stupid-American-ness' (<--we heard that a lot while we were there) or wondering what the eff I'm talkin' about. LOL!
    Don't be embarrassed! I'm having to do my 1 post/response in multiple posts to not anger the 1000-character Gods who keep spankin' me!

    You should tell him a mullet is fine as long as you can get one to match. That'll deter him, I'm sure. My mother-in-law has been the best at teaching me the ways of getting your man to want what you want him to want.

    Exactly! Disney bonding would be at it's peak if we got the WDWM girls together for a meet. Ooooh...sweet heaven...the Mouse would be in trouble for sure. And don't let us happen across a meet-n-greet with Flynn Rider...
    Oh yes! I think I have an extra ball-n-chain laying around here that I'll send your way. Slap it on that one! Sounds like a keeper to me! LOL!

    We'll hafta start tossing around the idea of a WDWM girls meet. Maybe if we plan far enough in advance around everyone's schedules (bless your heart w/school & all). I'd seriously love it. I feel like I've been there with most of y'all anyway!

    I just had another chuckle over your wishing for long comments on your TR. I think I annoy people because I "talk" too much. I'll throw restraint to the wind when your next report goes up. Just be patient with me! Your cruise is right before we'll be hitting the road for our 2+ week adventure. Pretty soon after our return I'll be kickin' up the school year for the boys.... blech!!!
    Girl we ARE!!!! I cannot stinkin' wait! Tracey comes home and I fix him lunch every day. And every day he sits at the table and says, "So, do y'all know how many days?" He always knows!!! LOL! Today is 116. We've agreed when we get to the double digits we're having a little Disney party! LOL!

    I feel bad because I get all behind with TR reading sometimes. I'll come up with some hum-dingers for your report! When y'all cruising??? I swear, one of these days we gotta get all our 'girls' together to do a big meet-up, have some drinks, go on an adventure, then have all of us write a report to see how different we all come out!
    I'm working on it, girl. It's totally driving me crazy... but I hope to have it started by the first of next week. We'll see how that goes. YAY for finishing up with finals. Not to wish your summer away, but you'll be sailing on the Dream soon enough!
    LOL I know right,I totally took the bus all that way unfortunately I have to say it wasn't worth what i found when I got to The UNiversity,but another learning experience under my belt I guess.I'd have to say though I'd really love to go out there again someday I loved some of the old fashioned buildings and I'm dying to see the Ocean n ofcourse my good friend who now lives in Halifax but used to live in Glace Bay(she would be totally fun to go to the bar with lol)
    Hey just read ur TR it was awesome,boy did that STFX ring take me back,i had a boyfriend that went there and I ventured out there on the bus back in the day(I'd never make that long bus ride these days LMAO)and ure totally right The Canadian pavillion cracks me up!so neat that ure a scotian so is my bestfriend 8o( she moved back there boo to that!!!
    Thanks, Kenzie! OMG... I was finally able to check the 10 day weather forecast for the first day of our trip this morning!!! I've been waiting for you to hit up my pre-trip report. Check it out if you get a chance, you know, in some boring class or something! :)
    Thanks, love! I was planning on updating the report yesterday, but I got caught up with wedding stuff.... my mom and I are making leis for everyone. YAY! They're going to be sooooooo pretty. I'm excited about Angelini, and I think he'll do a great job. Especially considering everything is outside, and I think his outdoor photography is really great. I'm setting aside, like 2 hours for the photos of just Brett and I just to ensure we get some major keepers. :) And you aren't kidding, the wedding feels like it's tomorrow. I still have so much to do.

    Oh yeah... 200 dresses. And I'm not gonna lie, my mom and I had a blast shopping. It was exasperating at times, yet so worth it. I don't understand how girls go in and try on two or three dresses and declare the first dress "the one." Where's the fun in that?!?!

    TR update to follow....
    Hi Kenzie!! I'm sorry for the super late reply... I've been on somewhat of a wdwmagic hiatus lately due to work. How much do you think that Snow White reception cost? OMG. I can't even fathom it. As for the rents and the boyfriend... at least they get along and he's not freaked out and running the other direction! I'm not gonna lie, I wanna see a trip report with him in it. Maybe he could join you all on the next family trip... huh? huh? :)

    For photography, I booked Jason Angelini. He's from Tampa and has only done a few Disney weddings, but he's much more reasonable and still has a photojournalistic style. I simply can't afford $4000+ for the Roots, as much as I want them. The dress?! Yep, finally got one. Seriously though, I tried on over 200! I'll post all about the shopping experience (with pictures), but I can't do that until after the wedding, because there is no way I'm letting Brett get even the faintest idea of what I picked.
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