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  • Hello,
    I have read your posts for the Everest Challenge and for the Marathon, you have a real talent for writing reports, Great Job. Congrats on finishing the marathon. I am planning on running the Everest challenge as well and the Race for the Taste and the Tower of Terror 13k this year. I looked for a post on the 2008 13k but couldn't find one, did you run it last year?

    Hello. My wife found your review about yuor cruise on the LIBERTY. Wonderful, you have a way of making your readers feel that they experinceing the same adventure. I saw the bit about wdwmagic site and thought that I would check out your posting about race. Which I'll do after this note. I also never went to WDW untill my wife took me for my Fortyith birthday. We bought a Time Share at Old Key West. Since then I've lost count as to how many times we've Come Home! Pease know when you post another blog if it's not to much trouble
    Have a great time on your cruise!
    His plans are good...he was accepted in the PhD program at UGA, so he can avoid entering this economy for 4-5 more years, and we now have only one college tuition to pay!
    Four months after the fact and your marathon thread is still plugging along! :lol:

    Heading down to Clemson next week for graduation on the 8th [son #1} :D
    yup, 22 my first time (2001), and 6 times since! I think it made me even more obsessed with Disney because I had to wait so long!
    you crack me up with your character-stalking (like I don't do it, too!) The number one thing I had to do on my first trip to WDW (I was 22) was meet Ariel.
    Just happened to stumble on your digital scapebook pages, and they are awesome...I think you've sold photoshop to me, I've gotta get that for all of our trips, and do what you have done :)
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