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  • Best of luck to you with your new job Liz!!! I hope you kick some Butt. RIP to the Boss, The Yanks will do it this year! Hope your having a great summer.
    Yeah Dp5! Allstar break and best record with our big bats getting hot! Should be a great 2nd half. Any luck with the job search?? Hope your having a great summer.
    It's on hold for right now. We will probably pick up once we come home or after Christmas. We just moved so we have been occupied with that.
    Yeah Liz!! A Yankee win and 1st place to boot!! Congrats on graduation!! That is so awesome. My sons are 20 and 22 yrs old, I know how tough it is to find work at that age. Be persistant, and be yourself! Good luck and see you in Oct!!
    Ugh! What happenned Liz? Lol We have Hughes today so we should get a W. Hope you had a ball @ the may 5th game,I came home early to watch and of course a Yankee win. Any good plans for summer? Ttyl
    The first week of May I will hopefully be there too! That's usually when we go, unless I would be pregnant. I am going to probably skip it then, haha. I think typically May weather is comfortable, with some quick rain storms in the late afternoon. We just had 2 freak weeks. It's a great time to visit.
    Thats so crazy I was sitting here talking about going in May as well! Maybe just a real short trip for Star Wars weekends! Awesome!
    Yeah I thought we were already friends as well! Doing the trip report was fun and I was thinking about doing another one for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas that we did last year in December.
    As for not staying at the Poly...we just figured it would be easier and closer since I'm running the 1/2 marathon in 2011, but that won't stop us from venturing over and devouring Tonga Toast and sashimi!
    Hey =-) You didn't ask me about the weather - I never posted my trip report, that I actually wrote up. I ended up buying a new house which has taken up my entire life, I have barely been online! I feel so out of the loop lately! The weather last year the first week of May was awful. It rained from 10 AM to 10 PM 3 days of the 7 that we were there, and then 2 other evenings. We were there during "monsoon week" as I hear it referred to here. This year however, we had not one drop of rain. It was 97 degrees though, very weird. Last May it was in the 70's all week. So I think it can be random.
    You'll find a fab job!! I know it!!! We ended up using all sorts of strategies to get Niles the job in DC. It is such a game. Good luck with the search!! :) I hope you find something soon! :)

    I think we are going to do the Poly, i'm basically taking the plans we started for the Sept trip and move them to next year. :) We are going to book a little more then 180 days out - so some time this Nov. We'll see if Disney offers anything fab in the new year (not holding my breath) and if they do, that will probably determine the time we go. And then if they don't, I need to get the 2010/11 school year calendar for the kids I nanny for. I don't want to go over Spring Break - but I don't want to leave the family in a bind either.
    Yeah! Congratulations Graduate!!! YIPPEE!!!! So...what's the next step? Are you taking some time off? Congratulations!!

    We were supposed to go in September and will probably have to go in Feb or March. When are you planning to go again?

    Hey there! I hope that all is well! Did you do anything for Memorial Day? We went to Baltimore one day - but didn't know what to do there so we at The Dizz, next to Charm City Cakes and then drove to the harbor area and then left.

    So, bad news. I had to cancel the Sept trip to Disney. :( Niles company is doing a computer roll out starting in Sept - and it is for the whole company, including international offices, so expected to end in Oct, but could go longer. So I can't plan another one for this year. :( Thank you for all your Poly info! We are still going to stay there next time for sure!!!

    Hope all is well with you!!!
    That is exactly the info I was looking for! Thank you! So it does really walk you to the TTC! I was SO confused! You are helping me so much! Thank you!!! And no, I had not seen the map - only on Google Earth but unless you know what you are looking at - its hard to make heads or tails of it. How is your week going?
    I loved Port Orleans! The walk from FQ to Riverside is so peaceful, and the grounds are beautiful. I actually preferred Riverside because I thought it was more scenic for taking pictures, and all the activities were there. FQ is quieter, which was nice. If I went again though, I'd try Riverside. I keep starting my trip report at work, and then I get busy and get logged out of the site. I swear I'll get it posted soon, haha.
    Hi there! Thanks so much! This is exactly what I am looking for! The long house that people have recommended is the Tokelau Long House. Is that a good one? Also - this is probably a stupid question - but is the Great Ceremonial House the main building where the monorail goes? Where you go to eat at Ohana? I ask b/c I am confused about people talking about getting the TTC. Where do you pick up buses? Thank you so much for the info!!
    Thanks so much! We are have 3 open morning and afternoons - nothing planned - could hit the parks but want to do other stuff too. Especially around the resort. What kind of stuff can you do at the resort? We are looking for fun things to do and explore. Thanks so much for your help! :)
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