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  • Nothin! Watching Mary Poppins right now. Kind of bored! What you been up too? Do you have a trip booked?
    Hey Liz! Spring training is in full swing and our Boys are lookin good! I just saw that Joba, Mo, and Bernie will be @ Espn Weekend next week! If I get some good Pics. I'll post them, I hope that you are well and staying warm! Spring is right around the corner! Happy Birthday in Advance Liz as I may be pre-occupied. Ttfn...Mike
    That is perfect!!! I love it! You should take a pic of the den with all the outfits laid out!! That is fantastic! YEAH! Oh the french onion soup is a dream! I even checked the menu to try and figure out what I had for dessert there and I can't remember. I have no idea! But it was amazing! NOM NOM NOM
    When you lay out those outfits - it feels so real! We had the steak with a port or something like that demi glaze, green beans and potatoes. Started with the french onion soup and I can't remember dessert as I was in food coma and we took it back to the resort to eat. Hmmm...can't remember! Ugh - that is going to bother me! I love cheese cake too - and pineapples - so this was like the most amazing thing ever. I totally could have just eaten that and left happy and content! Amazing! I'm going to have to look at the Les Chefs menu and see what I had...hmmmm....
    We had the most wonderful meal at Chefs de France. And Boma - 4 words for you - pineapple upside down cheesecake! OH MY! I still think about it!! We love Crystal Palace too. So good! I hear ya on being spoiled! Our next trip we are for sure staying at the Poly! I know you love that resort, and Niles does too, only the last time he stayed there it was 25 years ago! HA! We loved taking the boat. At night with the sun setting, it was very very nice!
    I can't wait to try the Segway Tour - i think Niles especially would it! Staying by Epcot is a personal fave of ours. Its so nice to just hop on the boat and take it to Epcot and we love the World Showcase at night - its another fave! What ADR's do you have? Ahhh, eating at the World - nom nom nom!
    Ha ha - you know that I would be! I'm insane about packing those bags!! HA! Reason #1 for why Niles and I should upgrade to a 2 bedroom place - so I have a place to lay out the luggage! hee hee What are you looking forward to most about this trip?
    I am SO glad you guys have another trip planned! YEAH! Where are you staying? What are you most excited to do/see on this trip? It's a great time to go - you'll love it!! We went mid April for our honeymoon 5 years ago and the temp was perfect. Just perfect! Warm but not humid and hot! Did you make the rice crispies? I thought that they were so cute! I'm going to send you a private message about some other things that are going on. Which is why we just don't know when we can get back down to the world. I'm SO glad that you love your job! That is fantastic!
    We are staying @ Boardwalk in a 1bed rm, not sure if I told you but my wife and I are Dvc members so it makes it easy for us to go often. We just love the boardwalk area, so convienient. It's just myself, son, nephew and his dad. Were looking forward to it for sure! Ugh on the next snowstorm!! Hopefully it goes somewhere else! haha ttyl
    Hey Liz, our beloved #46 retired today, we will miss him for sure but we have to keep the faith, Lol, heres hoping for a great 2011 season!! I,m sneaking away for a quick Wdw trip in march for espn the weekend Yay!! Hope your well and not completely buried in snow.
    So I went ahead and canceled the trip. After starting, within a week, I found out that they are going to be out of town - that weekend I was going to be away for the marathon! UGH! I could have screamed I was so frustrated! With myself b/c I was trying to do the right thing professionally and now, it was too late for me to get the free dining so the cost would be too much for us to go. And in truth, since we have to fly now, it would have been a costly weekend. So I have NO idea when we are going to get back down there. And this was kind of a double whammy too b/c I was to go to Disneyland as well - for the craft show (it is going on right now) and due to the new job, I couldn't go on that either. :(
    How about you? How are you? How is the job? Are you heading to the World any time soon? How was your holiday? Happy New Year by the way! I'm sorry it is so late!
    Hey there! How are you!?!? It's been ages and I'm so sorry. Life has gotten crazy and settled down about a 3 weeks ago. And I've been MIA on the boards for almost 3 months. Bad Carey! I did start with the new family and yep! Had to cancel another trip! I'm kind of irritated too. At myself! I was being responsible and thinking to myself, I can't take off that kind of time in my first 3 months.
    As you can tell, I highly recommend it! I don't think you'll regret it, but if you do, I guess I'm to blame!
    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, the view was great...what a way to start the day, even if it was a little rainy at the time. The charaters were great. They stopped by and chatted for a few minutes before posing for pics with us. They never felt rushed or anything which was nice.
    I would totally recommend it. Being inside the castle was so cool...we were lucky enough to be seated right next to a window over looking Fantasyland which was a huge bonus but the experience itself was definitely worth the price. And for what it's worth, I thought the food we had for breakfast was quite good.
    We have not been to Cali Grill yet, though we do have that on our list of options. We still have a few weeks to figure out exactly what we wanna do before we can book our ADR's so I'm sure we will put something nice together.

    Cinderella's Royal Table is great. We ate there a few trips ago and it was by far the best character breakfast we've been to. Great location, awesome character interaction and the food was good too!

    Looks like you guys have some great meals planned yourself! We should look into Boma simply because we are staying at that hotel
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