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  • Yes we thought it was very crowded for May! I chalked it up to the Pixar anniversary that was going on, but if it was crowded for you the week before too than it must just be that May is becoming more popular. Yes, baby girl had her first trip! I plan on taking her for her first birthday & first haircut - that is if she has enough hair by 1 year!
    Liz! Happy to hear from you. Were Doing well here. Glad to hear your trip went well. My wife and I are back to Wdw late Oct. for F&W again. Nov should be a great time to visit!
    Yanks are hangin in, Boo Jeter may go on DL, after the Allstar break I'll start paying more attention to the standings. hope all is well in Ct. Ttyl
    Hey there! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!! Mom and I had an amazing time - actually ended up staying an extra night! Ha ha Yes, we booked but I don't know if we can keep it. In Niles' office, there are 3 people who are either pregnant or their wives are. And in his company, they get paternity leave of 6 weeks. And they are all due in the fall. So at this time, yes, we are a go, but if someone has the baby early, then we might not be able to go. Also, we booked it with out really looking at the finances. I know - stupid! But we are going to try and make it work. hee hee Are you doing a trip report?
    Hey! I'm glad your trip was good! It was really hot for May, wasn't it? Ours was fun - very different, with a lot more down time. I'm doing good though - we found out we're having a girl so we're extremely excited.
    Hi :)! I guess seeing you messages below I was not the only one wondering how your trip was,lol....... Can't wait to hear
    Hey there! How was your trip? Mom and I had a great 2 days and I booked another trip for Sept with my hubby. I am working on my trip report and getting all the pics. I hope that all is well! I can't wait to hear about your trip and read your trip report!!! :)
    OH MY! I love the 10 day mark!! Are you all packed and ready? I am "mostly" ready. I'm doing South Beach - and have lost 14 pounds - so I don't know what the outfits will be b/c I don't know what to pack yet. So..that has to wait. But everything else is together. I realized that this is the first trip I packed for in our 1 bedroom apt. I have no place to put anything!!! HAHA I can't wait to hear about your mom's trip too!!!! So fun!
    I believe it is 11 days now!! Are you ready? Did you find the water bottle? YEAH! So excited for you!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!
    Hey Liz, Our boys are looking good and just as important your Disney trip is fast approaching!! I think you will miss the huge crowds, fingers crossed for ya!!
    Oh I am so glad you enjoyed Mary Poppins!! When Bert was tapping on the roof and when Mary floated above the audience! AMAZING! I still walk around the house singing "SUPER..." Love it!

    So lets see... how many days??? You are in the teens now right???
    I wanted to answer your question about Jiko, but I didn't want to hijack the thread so here ya go!

    We enjoyed dinner so much. It was a really great fancy meal. We ate way too much and I was in pain when we went to leave. I say avoid breads/starches right at the beginning of the meal. Just take a few tastes of what they bring first. Then finish it if you have room after your entree. Food was fabulous, service was very personal and our waitress took so much time to explain the menu and talk with us. It has a moderate dress code so take the opportunity to dress up. It was very expensive to eat a whole meal there (appetizer, entre, glass of wine and small dessert for both of us were $169 w/tip) But overall, I enjoyed all of the new and different flavors, there were so many! It was a really great experience!
    Hey there! How are you? Thank you so much for checking in! I am doing pretty well considering. I just hopped on to find out when you will be in WDW. I just found out i'll be on Hilton Head for a week seeing my parents and I am going to pop on down to the World I think - just for a day! But I need a fix! When is your trip planned? Hope all is well! How are you?
    Hey Liz, Only 6 days untill opening day! I hope it doesn't snow hah! I always sneek out early to catch the game @ home, Ssshh. haha ttyl
    I am curious to see who our 5th starter will be. Garcia and Colon have had a good spring but you have got to love the Young Guy Nova!! Oh Baby! It Should be a great year!! haha Enjoy the Great weather Liz.
    Hey Liz! What a great weekend we had! The highlight was Sundays live broadcast of Baseball Tonite with Mo, Joba and Grandy in front of the giant hat @ Dhs,we were front and center for that one in full Yankee gear!! haha The weather was great too. I bet your counting the days untill your trip, especially after last year when it was so cold for you, Brrr. You will have great weather for sure this trip! I'm ready for baseball!! Ttyl
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