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  • We are both really looking forward to getting the full Disney experience at the hotel...plus the pool looks great and I'm assuming we will likely spend more than a little time there with Ella trhoughout the week.

    We have been looking into a coupel things, Cinderella's Royal Table and 50's Prime Time Cafe will be on the list for sure and I think we might try something like Tusker House as well just to mix it up. I'm trying to plan a night for just the wife and I to enjoy some quiet time but we haven't decided on a place to go yet.

    What about you?
    Her name is Ella.

    We have never stayed at the AKL, actually, other than the Swan, we have never stayed at a Disney hotel before so that in itself is exciting.
    Very exciting! Have you stayed at the Dolphin before? Our last trip was at the Swan and it was great!

    Yes, September it is for us. We weren't planning on any trips until 2012 but couldn't resist! We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge from Sept 6 -13. Should be a blast.

    Baby is doing great, thanks for asking. She's growing everyday and changing so quickly. Thankfully she has been sleeping through the night as well for the past few months so we've been able to get some pretty good rest at night.
    Hi There!

    Been a long time...I see you are heading on another trip pretty soon so I thought I would check in and find out where you guys are staying?

    Hope all is well...
    I am so sorry that am just responding. I didn't realize that I had a message! You may have already found what you are looking for, but it is "WDW Countdown" for the iPhone.

    Again I feel silly for not seeing the message - still getting used to navigating the forums!
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    You're very welcome! :) To be honest, I didn't really know about that site specifically, but I knew about the Disneyland Paris arcades and did a Google search to find the best pictures of them. I'm fascinated by the foreign parks as well; it's interesting to see how different the Imagineers can make each of the parks. Hopefully I'll be able to visit some of them in person someday.
    Hey Liz!! How are you? YEAH for the ADRS! What did you get? I can't wait to hear them all! Ugh - stuff is just stressful. I made the decision to leave the current family I nanny for so now I am in transition to find a new family. I don't know if we will be able to go. Again...I could be canceling a trip! UGH! I'm going to be black balled from Disney if I keep this up! Depending on the family and their schedule, I may have to give up on this trip. Also, like last year, I was invited to go out to LA for a week and hopefully will be able to go to Disneyland. I want to do both but that just isn't going to happen. And I may not be able to do either. I think the better for the two options will be to go to WDW with the hubby in late Feb. However, I don't know if I will be able to run the Princess Half Marathon since my training has gone down the toilet during this transition. We shall see!
    How are you? How is work? Hope all is well!
    Ugh Liz! Sad end to our season but we'll be back! Leaving for Wdw Wed, so that helps! Lol hope your doing well ttyl
    Thanks very much! It's been a wild three weeks but it's been so much fun! Even though she is only a few weeks old, she's already getting a good dose of Disney with all the story books and movies we have been showing her!
    Hey Liz, hope all is well! Crossing my fingers we wrap it up tonight, don't want to give them any hope!! I think Hughes got this one. ttfn
    Yeah, i'm fairly certain I have lost my mind to be running a marathon. Seriously? I used to say that the only time I would run is if people chased me!! We have Rose and Crown, Crystal Palace, Via Napoli which I am really excited for! And Brown Derby, Ohana, Kona Cafe, Les Chefs, Teppan Edo, Raglan Road, CRT, and Tony's Town Square. Whew! We won't go hungry! ha ha

    How goes your planning????
    Pheww! At least were in the playoffs now and a fresh start. Glad you at least had fun Sat. cause the game stunk. I was thinkin about ya during the game thinking poor Liz picked a stinker to go to. Lol! Go Yanks!!
    Hello my friend! How goes your planning??? How is the job? Was your summer good?

    I have completely lost my mind and have decided to train to run the Princess Half Marathon in Feb! I'm completely nuts! I just started running this week and it is not pretty. hee hee

    The good news though - we have booked our trip to WDW! Feb 25 to March 6 with free dining at the Poly! YEAH! We are so excited! Now the pressure is on! Gotta train train train! Haha

    Can't wait to hear all your news!!!
    Yeah for Yankees/Soks game Sat! Your in for a treat and a Yankee win for sure!! I have been to many of those games and be prepared for a lot of Red sox fans. They are harmless though especially after they are losing by 5 or more,I have been to Fenway also and those fans are not as nice as us Yankees fans!! Lol Have fun Liz!
    Glad to hear the job is going well Liz! I am doing great. Heading to the beach in NC this week for a family trip then to Disney with my wife in Oct. for F&W festival. Awesome that you have a trip to Wdw in the works. Are you going in May? The Yanks are hanging tough. Don't want to get to excited yet. Lol
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