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  • Aw haha I know that must've been hard. August will fly by for you!!

    Oh nice have you stayed there before?? Were thinking on staying there in 10/2012.
    Awww thats great I'm excited for you! Where are you staying?

    Our trip was great! Very hot, no humidity though, and lots of crowds but we had an awesome trip and feeling the DWD (Disney Withdrawal Depression). I wish I could write a TR but we've had so many computer issues-there's no way I can write and upload so many photos!
    Ooooo well Cali Grill is really great-if you decide to eat there, I know you'll enjoy it! Yah definitely look into Boma its very good and I've beard Jiko is great too!

    Hm we always wanted to try Cinderellas Royal Table but always heard that it's too pricey for the quality of food but the experience seems great. Is it awesome being inside the Castle? Would you recommend it?
    Aw that's so exciting and nice to plan some quiet time with your wife-very important! Have you been to California Grill? Very romantic and great food.

    Ooo those sound good-Cinderella's Royal Table looks like such a great experience and great for photos with Ella.
    Yep were booked at Ohana, Boma, Crystal Palace, San Angel Inn, and Chefs de France.
    Aww how cute!

    Oh wow that's exciting-you're in for a treat! While staying at the Swan or Dolphin is basically the same, actually staying on property is THE BEST!! Any ADRs in mind yet?
    Yes-stayed there a few times and loved it as well as the Swan. Can't wait to go back!

    Aww that's great you'll have a great trip sharing Disney with the little one-glad to hear she's doing well and that you're getting some sleep!! That's always helpful. Whats her name by the way?

    Have you stayed at AKL before?
    Hi!! Yes we are heading to Disney 4/30-5/8! Were staying at the Dolphin. So excited! I see you're going in September-any details yet? How's the baby??
    Aww that's wonderful I know it's a lot but soak it all in! Haha that's great maybe her first word will be supercalafragilisticexpialidocious!
    I've been to WDW at around Christmas time a few times and it is done on a HUGE scale and there is Christmas stuff!'s definitely fun gets you in the Christmas spirit.
    Enjoy it!
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