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Disney Soldier
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  • Thank you for your service. It really is appreciated. I have a brother in law who is presently serving in the U.S.Army at the rank of Sergeant Major. He recently got back from an instructing gig at the Sergeant Major school in El Paso and will be deployed to Afghanistan in the fall. I have been a Police Officer here in Houston for over 25 years and like you, I am going to be retiring soon. Time to turn it over to the youngsters. Again, thank you for the service that you have provided to our Country, and have a great day.
    Hi there :)
    I've just started posting my WDW pictures (because I just figured out how haha) and I think it's great that you always have something nice and encouraging to say to every posting.
    Thanks for being so friendly!
    Thank you for serving our country. My father is a ret Col. in the Air Force and & my exboyfriend was in HHT 1st BDE 1st Cav until he got PCSed to Ft. Lee last May.
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