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  • Your pictures are absolutely amazing! They are some of my very favorites on this site (or anywhere, for that matter!). I can't take a picture to save my life, so I really enjoy all the great ones here!
    what kind of camera do you use? saw some pictures in the picture of the day thread and your flickr album. awesome photos. do you do any editing to them or just took them from the camera onto the computer?
    Jeff, you just keep on amazing me with your pictures!! Do you mind sharing your post processing work flow? I am still trying to get pp down and would love to see what order others go in!
    I'm a HUGE Adam Ant fan.

    Kings of the Wild Frontier is my #3 favorite song of all-time.

    I'm glad you like 'em too!
    I'm starting to get some of the pictures from our trip edited; I still have a ton to go. The D40 was a definite improvement over using a P&S. Still, my pictures don't even compare with yours--the Dolphin picture you posted yesterday is amazing. You managed to make an eyesore (at least from the World Showcase) look beautiful!
    Things are good here... dodging curveballs related to the event planning, as usual. :lol:
    The last 2 times we have been to the MK it's been open and had a few people in it having lunch.
    Hey Jeff - 2352 was taken inside the Diamond Horseshoe Review, or whatever their calling it now.
    The problem with that lens is that, although it's AF, it isn't AF-S, which is what the D40 needs. For whatever reason (to keep it smaller, maybe?) Nikon didn't build the D40 with an AF motor in the body. Since a comparable lens with AF-S is around $400, I think I'll just wait until I upgrade to the D80 before I get that so that I don't have to get the AF-S version. What I have so far is a pretty good start, so I think I can wait on the upgrade for another year or so...
    Hey, Jeff... glad you're going to be joining us... I've been working on some super duper special stuff for the event. :D

    Haven't purcahsed a DSLR yet... that may be an end-of-the-year or even next-year purchase (if even that soon). I'm basically brushing up on them, etc to get the info I need. As you well know, buying a DSLR isn't just buying a DSLR... there are lenses, a new remote shutter release, new camera bag to fit all the lenses, potential (depending on camera) to have to buy new flash media, and the potential (depending on the lenses) to have to buy all new filters (maybe even for each lens, depending on the diameter :dazzle:). I'm "in the market" for one, but it won't be happening soon. :lol:
    Thanks. I love that little plush.

    As for the camera, I got a Nikon D40. I also got a Nikkor 18-200 VR lens, a B+W Pro UV filter, and the little ML-L3 wireless remote (I believe that's what it's called) for the night time tripod pictures. I got the D40 because I like it's size compared to most other DSLRs and because it was cheap, but I'm already finding that I'd like something with a little better performance.

    But I just got it, so I won't be upgrading any time soon. I also would like to get a lens capable of an aperture of around f/1.8. I've been using the camera quite a bit, but I still have a ton to learn.

    Your pictures lately have been great, as always.
    I havent done the weekends, keep considering it but not sure what to expect. Im a big Fish fan too. Saw the shows a few months ago. Oh and a Rush fan, Snakes tour was excellent

    Have a listen to Afraid of Sunlight on youtube.
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