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    Disney Does It Right

    100% in agreement on both counts. The first time I was on the grounds and every visit thereafter gives me the sense of being in an 'alternate reality' and escaping everyday life. And also agree on the cleanliness aspect. I believe Disney does a tremendous job in this regard as well.
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    Mission Space (Intense Version): Have You Ever Gotten Sick?

    I have done all of the attractions at the World and this is one I would most like avoid (orange version). I rode shortly after it opened when only the 'intense' version existed. Definitely felt a little uneasy afterwards, and no other ride will do that to me in the Parks. I may try the green...
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    Bad Guest Behavior and Disney's reactions to it...

    Agree for sure! We have become (more than ever) an entitlement society where so many want so much immediately (the microwave mentality). The lack of common courtesy, proper morals - it's all part of the continued slide/decay in our society. I don't really know if there's a lot Disney can do...
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    How old are you?

    47. Since I am soooo old, therefore my user name - disneyowf (disney old white f*rt).
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    Romantic Dining

    California Grill gets my vote. My DW and I went there five years ago for our 20th anniversary and it was tremendous!
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    Tigger's "What Has Tigger Been Up To?" Trip Report!!

    Great stuff! Too fun! :)
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    Back to School Blues for Mom :(

    But you know what's really neat - my kids are 23, 21 and 19 and now I get to experience the joy of them being 'buddies' and doing things together as 'buddies' along with watching them experience their own lives as they move on. My oldest (boy) just last week got engaged and that is super...
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    How/What Does Your Username Mean?

    Thanks for the 'young' comment Mr. MontyMon! After all, I see you are SOOO much older than I am :)!
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    How/What Does Your Username Mean?

    These are so much fun! :) The first part of mine is painfully obvious :rolleyes:. The 'owf' referes to me being an 'old white f*rt'. Not very elegant I suppose, but it's meant to be a lighthearted comment about my age, now that my kids are all adults (22, 21 and 19) and I'm 47. And yes, I am...
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    OT: Thank You to Awesome Guests

    Very Cool! Thanks for the excellent post! I am very concerned about the lack of good customer service provided in general in our fine country, and going to WDW (or looking forward to doing so) emphasizes the generally tremendous customer service we as guests can expect there. That is...
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    Missing Disney World

    Captain, My wife and I were in the same position in that we had planned (and paid for) a Disney vacation in Feb of 09 as well as Sept 08) then we had to cancel both - health reasons for my wife. I pass the time by looking at this web site 3-5 times per week:), following Disney videos on...
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    What is your favorite park and why?

    EPCOT:)! As an 'Old White F*rt' (see my user name;)) it has the most appeal, even though I love them all! Of course, I had never been to WDW until I was 38 years old...so that's probably why it's EPCOT for me.
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    Favorite ride to watch a newbies reaction.

    I agree with Castevens completely! I remember the first time I rode Soarin when it just had opened, literally everyone on the 'ride' applauded and seemed to just be in awe. Every time I've been back to Soarin, the reactions to the 'surprises' like the golf ball are just awesome!
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    So, how does one...

    Hey Timmay, I'm truly sorry for what's going on in your life. I hope it all works out for the best for you. As someone who's near your age (47 today :)) I can imagine this is very difficult for you. I've been fortunate in that I've been blessed with 26 years of marriage to a wonderful lady...
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    Why do large people get to skip to the front of the line?

    I would agree with you BUT I still think we need to be careful and not just throw a 'blanket' judgment on all overweight people. There may be some overweight people who may have some type of 'disability' or 'handicap' and they may not be visible just from observing them on a scooter. My wife...
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