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  • Hahah! Thanks... I wasnt even paying attention for the past few days.. until Evan just told me. lol
    It did get altered permenately..but thats okay..we are definitely going in December..:)

    As for Jenns birthday..she called me fromthe bathroom at the restaurant I think and was soo very excited...I could hear it in her voice..

    and I only talked/texted with her a few times..she was so busy and having a great time..:)

    I can not wait to see the trip report..:)
    I remember that discussion, but at the time, you were still planning on it, although possibly altered. So I guess it got altered permanently? Sorry!
    I posted in that thread! :eek:

    World as we know it has come to an end... :lookaroun
    Dave! The Valentines weekend was mahvelous! Dinner at Le Cellier and the company of an outstanding gentleman... what more can a girl ask for? Hope all is well in your world :)
    Hya Dave! Yes, Oiseau du Soleil (Bird of the Sun) is a Sun Conure. We used to have a Gold Capped Conure, so we knew we definitely wanted another. Conure's are great!
    Yes..We are going to Endymion on Saturday evening without my lovely daughter..:) and then parading in Metairie Mardi Gras Day with friends..:)

    May go to Bourbon with friends after Endymion...and no youtube videos I willget beads but no needing to show anything to get them..just smile..:)

    Wish you were here to go with me..:)

    Have a great weekend..:)
    But I DO own those shoes in black and red! If my choice in daily footwear calls for cold showers, I guess my life's goal has been accomplished. :lol:

    Fantabulous! I'm thinking of making a trip report, because there's been a lot of changes in the past 6 months LOL
    We opted out of the dining plan, so we'll be bringing snacks into the parks and probably hitting up Cosmic Ray's on Sunday. No biggie. We're on a very super tight budget, so staying on property drained our extra funds. I'm just so blessed and thankful to be going though... :eek:
    Here's the plan, Stan...

    Fly in Thursday evening and head to DTD for shenanigans. Friday is AK in the morning for my first trip on EE and my sister's first trek on Dinosaur. Saturday is EMH at Epcot for birthday good times. Sunday is all day MK with EMH until 11pm! At 7:30am Monday, we fly back.

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