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  • I just recently read about that. And there's no way we can get in on either of the races this year, due to my work schedule, which is too bad. Having three races all scrunched up into the span of one month is probably a big reason they have low attendance.
    Sometimes with the variety of ressies and packages I get just wanted to be sure. Possibly you could answer goofykt on her DDP question. As I don't use it, I no longer pay attention to it, especially with the newer changes.
    I just made reservations at California Grill! I'm so excited...I had no idea it had a view of the Magic Kingdom! I made a late reservation so we can watch the fireworks while we eat! Thank you so much - can't wait!
    I've heard amazing things about Victoria & Albert''s our dream to someday stay at the Grand Floridian for a week in December **sigh**. Maybe we can justify it for a big wedding Anniversary or something :)

    I stayed at the Hotel del Coronado when I was very little, so I always tryed to convice my parents to stay on-site at the Grand Floridian whenever we went to Florida...unfortunately it never worked!!!
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it...and it sounds like you two love sushi as much as we do! My husband and I were wanting to branch out and try some restaurants at the resorts, partially because we like trying new places, and partially because this will only be our 2nd time staying on-site, so we want to scope out some resorts for future visits.'s hard to believe once-upon-a-time my husband was so repulsed by sushi it took me a year to get him to try a simple vegetable roll, and now i'm going to have to make reservations at all these places to keep his stomach happy!!!
    Oh yeah. The storm is huge, it stretches from PA to CT along the 84 corridor.

    Pitch black, strong winds, lots of lightening & thunder, but rain is light right now. So far none of the hail they have predicted. I'm worried about katie driving home - the stadium is near the CT border and we are about halfway in the storm area.
    Thanks - you broke out the menu and everything! My hubby's going to be really excited when I show him the menu...sushi and cheese trays are about his two favorite things in the world, so sushi + cheese trays = pure bliss (and a chance for me to sucker him into riding the Teacups while he's in a good mood....mwahaha)
    How exciting... I hope after-graduation plans are going well for your son; I work in the co-op program and we're definitely experiencing this economy. It's beautiful and green here right now, due to all the recent rain we've had so I expect you'll have a lovely visit. As for me, I got out of graduation responsibilities this semester and will be headed out to sea for a seven day Carnival cruise next week!

    And for the marathon thread... it's plugging along better than we are; we took our first post race run last weekend (4 months later) and wow I don't know how we ever finished that thing!!!
    I'm not here to be loved.... Well, except in certain circumstances. :lookaroun
    Yup.. I'll be "staff" for the entire event... and may also end up having to lead a history walk, depending on group size.
    I have seen the trailers and it did peak my interest. I do not know weather I will see it in the theaters or not (saw Da Vinci Code on cable) but I will definitely see it one way or the other.
    Hey Dave! I found this cute little business card holder that I just had to buy for myself, because it reminded me of you!! The front says "Well behaved women don't make history" :ROFLOL:
    Thanks, Mr Wonderful. I'll have to look into that free CD to see if anything will help me. At this point, I'm praying I find something else that has value to sell. If I go through my entire WDW collection, I'm going to be a sad girl.

    My user name is 'magicslilspark' and as of right now I've only got a handful of WDW items.

    Have a fabulous weekend! Love you.
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