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  • Thanks for the note....Hopefully I will have some spring softball pictures tomorrow so I can change it!
    She is just starting off at the local community college (FCCJ) She really has no clue what she wants to do at this point. She is talking about going into psychology but we shall see if that desire lasts past her first psychology class.
    Thanks I will pass the info along to her. I am not sure what she will be able to do early cause she will be there for a conference. But any Disney is better then no Disney at all!!
    I'll be in San Juan those dates. If I can get a day off at the office, I'll take a drive over your way.
    We will be in Florida, but not at WDW. I'm heading to my inlaws and will be spending some time with Katie in Tampa. We arrive on the 10th (Good Friday) and will be back on the 19th.
    Hey!!! Everything here is fine, but being without my computer for a month was a killer!!
    Hi..I am here..just posted in PAD...not posting too much though..busy..I did post a GREAT thread in chit chat..go take a peek..:)

    love you!
    Saw the free dining. Still have a couple of days until it opens to the public. If Marie can maintain my discount, it won't be worth getting [40% of at Beach Club beats free dining any day]. If I don't get the discount, then free dining will be on the agenda.
    All is good. The power got hooked up on my mom's house this weekend. Final inspection should happen this week. With any luck by the weekend after next I will be moving my mom back into her house.
    Yep, I've been to DL twice before, and been inside GC, but not stayed. It is beautiful and I'm terribly excited! Hope you can stop by and see us, we'll be there a full week with a trip or two up to LA. Lemme know when you have planz! :sohappy:
    oooh... I love "work" trips ;) NBC doesn't actually open till October, I believe. They typically close it the first week of September, but the 9th is the attraction's 40th annivesary and they're doing a big hootenanny... so I doubt they'll close it prior to that. Also, with a ton of uber-fans in town for the expo for the weekend, I seriously doubt they'd do any major planned closures until after the expo ends, just to give the poor folks at GR a break.
    In Anaheim for the D23 expo and a few days prior. We arrive the evening of 09/04, and will leave early-ish on 09/14. Care to join the party? :king:
    It looks like our next trip will be the last weekend of September (9/24/9-9/27/9). Right now we are planing for MNSSHP on 9/25. We will be hooking up with Martin at MNSSHP and Marie will more than likely be coming as well.
    It's in the Trip Report of the site already! I think it's called Sisterly Shenanigans: One Lil Spark and Big Al's Gal Attack WDW!

    I'm finishing up the final day later today when I get off air, but you'll love it!
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