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  • Gotta love waking up to some gorgeous AS:S shots! :D

    It's funny you mention France... That's where my birthday dinner will be on Saturday. SO EXCITED!

    I know!..I am very excited..WDW is about to get better..;)

    Yes, I do know of that restaurant..went a long time ago,..very good//I do not know the owners personally and your lovely wife need to come visit me and we can go to dinner there..:)
    Hi Dave! Sorry, I just haven't had time to be around here much lately. I've been super busy the past few months and been spending too much time at Disney :lol: The run was fun, but I didn't complete. Around mile 4 my ankle started hurting and it got progressively worse. I slowed down way too much. I didn't realize how much I actually had slowed down until the bus started creeping behind me. I got pulled at mile 10. I'm pretty sure that i'm going to give it another go next year though! I'm doing the Love Your Heart 10k here in a few weeks.
    Miss you too, Dave. I'll make sure I post a nice TR for ya when I get home. :)
    I'm just lucky, I guess...:lookaroun
    Actually I've been into photography for almost 15 years. It just takes a lot of practice with the settings. (a digital camera and lots of memory help too)
    Hiya, Dave. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. Here's hoping for a great 2009.
    Ohhh, I'm VERY familiar with Helen! They've got a wonderful winery that I usually go to a few times a year. :D

    How's Paul and the lady friend?
    Hi Dave..Just wanted to say Happy New Year and thanks for being so great to me..:)

    I appreciate you..:)
    Thanks Dave! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and you guys stay safe too! See ya soon *can't wait*

    Thank you so much!

    I LOVE the Postcard is it beautiful and just what I had wanted..:)

    I appreciate you looking for this for me when you are so busy.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    You made my day:D
    You are the best! you ...:kiss:
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