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  • Thanks for the kind words Dave. Yeah, the two of us on a photo mission on the road is VERY dangerous! If we see something funny, the vehicle is going to stop, traffic be danged!
    Somebody [Jenn] keeps beating me to breakfast.... So I just molest the Barista and go on my merry way. :shrug:
    My daughter is headed to Alabama in the fall. See you at the Georgia Dome on 8/30?

    What do you mean you're watching that one on TV? . . . yeah, me too. :D

    (Hey, just because the daughter goes off the reservation doesn't make me a Bama fan! :lol: )
    Wow, you certainly DO know your music! :D I bet you sang a lot of Carolina Girls when you were surrounded by the hotties at Clemson. I even have a shirt from college that says, "UNC girls... Best in the world!"

    Thanks for making me smile. Perhaps you can be my Programming Director when I get my big break? :kiss:
    Will do. Brittney's is next month on the 9th if I remember correctly. I'll double check with the wife as I am just horrible with dates.
    Un-jerkifies you. :lookaroun

    Oh wait I need to prevent self-jerkage too....

    HI DAVE!!!!!
    You're always so good at making me smile.

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