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  • Sounds like you have your hands full!

    Congrats to your son..would be great if it was free..:D

    Happy Anniversary too..That is wonderful!

    We are great..Maggie got hearing aids last week and is doing amazing..she has a mild hearing loss and this has made a world of a difference for her..:)

    Love the profile pic..Gorgeous family!..:)

    Love and miss you!

    We had a great holiday and are looking forward to a great year!..Hope you all are well also!..Love you!

    It is great Thank you!..Loving the all the room..:)

    You are welcome..I start that thread every mom is a bc survivor and my cousin has been fighting it for years remission now...

    It is something that I do not take lightly and like to get the message across ..:)
    Hi Mari!..I want to see the leaves change in jersey!!!.:)

    Hope you are well..all is good here...:)

    Love you!
    Hehe, no kidding right? I gotta tell ya, I knew that a baby would change my life...but never to the extent it has! Instead of talking about cars and sports, I'm talking about diapers, pink stuff, and sleeping habits :)
    Doing good..hanging with Maggie..she had an ear infection but is good now..:)

    Thanks for asking nad we are excited about the trip..leave in 10 days..:)
    I just try to always have fun and be happy...and I almost always am..:)

    I also love sharing Maggie with everyone who will let me..She is just amazing..:)

    I've been lurking and posting quite a bit less these days. The baby and I are doing quite well. I had my first ultrasound about three weeks ago. Everything looked great. We got to hear the heartbeat. I've had a few rough weeks as far as sickness goes. I got the flu about the same time the worst rounds of nausea started. Things have calmed down though. I'm actually eating real meals again and cooking. Thanks for thinking of us! :)
    I didn't have to face the duck tongue as she was travelling with business associates without a husband tagalong. My travels rarely take me to Asia. Luckily I think!
    I can't wait to be a Mommy! Right now I'm just really scared and worried. The doctor reassures me everything is okay, but I won't feel better until after the first trimester.
    Absolutely! We are going for 8 nights at GF! I can't wait! I just started the planning but I am not getting very far except for the outline of what to do when. With the ADR system down, and the website not working, what's a girl to do! I was planning on going to the P&PP but just found out today that they were canceled! So now I am looking at the tours. When I have more planned, i'll post for sure! Happy New Year!
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