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  • Hi, I was browsing through some threads before and noticed your trip report. Too funny, but also fantastic pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! It makes me look forward to being there in late September this year!
    crap dude!!! i just realized we miss each other in wdw by like 10 days! someday, we actually need to cross paths by a day or two.... hopefully in epcot ;) btw, my trip after this one will be with a little flyers fan on tow.....lol!

    get in touch.... take care!
    Hey- I looking through a picture of the day thread and I saw a link at the bottom of one of your posts for your trip report so I just started reading it. You have some amazing pictures! I love the one of the rainbow over Space Mountain!
    Oooooh...one of those unforgivable Disney sins! LOL! I've been thinking about doing this, too, then cancelling stuff as we got closer to time. Plus, I'm not sure if my my mom & brother will be coming to join us for any portion of the journey. How long is your trip again? You're arriving on 8/31 right?
    I'm the same way! I think our 180 is like 3/16 & then again on 3/22. Normally it's not a big deal for me to figure out the dining but this time around I avoided it like the plague. The mental gymnastics is annoying. I nailed the guys down & made them help me figure it all out this past weekend. I have my list waiting to book. Even after I book the stuff I'll tweek it and change stuff right up until we leave, too. I think it's the mark of the true Disney-nut. I can never stop thinking of ways to make things better which turns into overthinking. LOL! I wish it could all be as simple as the cruise portion of our reservations. At least on the cruise they tell us where to go and when to be there with no thinking required.

    So what's the wedding date?! Lemme guess, right before the next WDW trip! LOL!
    Hangin' in there, man! Boys & I came back up to Oklahoma so Chandler can be with his daddy-o to celebrate his 15th birthday on Thursday. Tracey's workin' some crazy hours up here in Oklahoma. Same-ol'-same-ol' for me. The homeschooling is wearing on me but that's no surprise. LOL! How's the wedding planning going??? Y'all livin' thru this miserable winter up there?
    Ooo great movie. Eh same old, same old. Yes we do have a trip booked!!! We'll be there 4/30-5/8. First time going at this time of year for us-have you been then? We hear its a great time to go.
    Got our ADRs all set too-Boma, Crystal Palace, San Angel Inn, Chefs de France and Ohana. I'll be posting a PTR soon.

    You guys have one planned right? I think I saw a countdown in your signature.
    That is freaking awesome. Oh the flyers. I hate them, thats one thing we can agree on. We didn't go. Thats alright. It was fabulous to watch. Andys friends said they had a blast and met some really cool Caps fans as well-his bff's are all pen fans-so that was awesome. they said they had a blast.
    Oh I know what you mean. It does suck not being there. Withdrawl. LOL.
    As for the 24/7. Yep. They lived at the rink for the past months....you would think someone would have told him now wouldn't you? But it was really fun to watch, I am hoping they release it out on DVD. I think that would be awesome.

    Did you go to the game?
    hehehe it's ok, I figuered it out. Then when I posted it I forget to put in the title the parts, so there you go, that is what I get for doing it at work anyway.
    Hope things are well with you and your g/f. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Doesn't it go by so quickly though. Talk to you soon. The days and months are going by so quick it's crazy. I'm having Disney Withdrawels again....
    I can't believe that was just a case. When you went off those slides and submerged it in the water, I just knew it was a water proof camera. Must be a good case.
    Which water proof camera did you use to shoot all those videos and pictures at the water parks?
    Hey There how are you doing today?
    Quick question, I was going to post my trip blog, I tried doing it but the pictures will not post. I did a cut and paste from word, is there a better way to do this to get my pictures up there? THanks
    Any thing going on for Halloween this weekend?
    Take care ok.
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