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  • Hey John! Yep, I'm still around to poke my head in every once in a while. Haven't really had time to post lately but that's the way things are headed for me. Things are getting crazy busy for me with college coming around the corner, but I'm otherwise very much alive (at least not online!)

    How've you been man? I still have to finish my trip report. That picture of that filet from Le Cellier keeps showing up on my computer...
    Yes Ovi does need to wake up. I agree. As does Semin...I think Dale is going to whip them into shape-so to speak-and be the guy that they need to kick them. I don't think it was Bruce's fault at all, but someone had to take the fall and sadly it was going to be the coach, no matter what team it was. Or is...I am just hoping things can improve. Not only for the team, but for my household...I can't exactly step away from it....which can be a downfall.
    So yes I decided to jump on here...Bruce is gone, I wonder how Ovi is going to respond to this. I know you aren't much of a fan of his, which is totally understandable. Believe me right now I don't think there are too many fans of his out there. I have my favorites that are above Ovi myself....but it will be interesting to see how he responds to Dale being in charge....
    Congrats to your boy for coming back. Happy to see him get back on his feet. I hope he stays healthy for you guys....

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I agree we a lot of wated talent right now. and until OV gets his dead out of his ______ nothing will change. No opinion on how to make that happen but he has not been right for 2.5 years now. I think he still has a hurt right hand. I am not an OV fan...and never was. Can you tell??? LOL We seem to have a problem keeping an even chemisty all year. I reall not see a coach or GM change coming any time soon..who would you get. Right now I am sure Ted is more worried about basketball...or the lack of. I will be a the Dec 1 game!!! Very glad SID is back and I sure hope he can stay healthy!!
    your too funny!! The entire time at the caps game last night i keep looking at the scoresa and I called it when it was 0-1 that Crosby has gotten his first point of the year. OV needs to be the next health scratch now that Semin has had his turn.
    He's def not the same Timmy T of last year, that's for sure! They need to start scoring on the PP.... or maybe even scoring in general would be a step in the right direction!!
    I'm doing well. Getting ready to head to the world next week. Don't worry, I got my camera all ready for some food ****!! :)
    Haha Nice one! I'm putting it off until I finish college apps (maybe a week or two) but if I got spare time between then I'll try to work on it. But it still can't touch your reports!
    It'll be up in "two shakes".

    But the first part of my trip report is up, at least the part leading up to Disney World. I've been so bogged down in work that I haven't been able to write it, but actually I'll take another crack at it now.

    Your trip report is looking great so far...the title had me laughing...it pretty much described by mood towards guests during our trip.
    By the way...just watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with the family this weekend. I haven't laughed so hard (and for so long) at a TV show before. Thanks for the suggestion. We saw the episode (I'm guessing it was the Season Finale) with Michael J. Fox and Greg the flamboyant kid. It was absolutely hilarious.
    I'm sure your pictures will come out very nicely...did the heat/humidity affect it at all? I wound up taking 3,083 pics on my trip...a fair amont of them were crap, but I got some nice ones. Do you book your trips from the resort? I heard you get some sort of discount from doing that.

    I didn't take as many food pictures as I wanted (the Nine Dragons noodle platter picture came out ok) but I think the picture of my steak at Le Cellier is going to be my desktop background, no joke.
    Whoops- sorry about the name miss-spelling there. The rest of our trip was fantastic...good eats and good times. Next trip we're definitely planning on spending more time in EPCOT/Studios than the MK...whenever we go next. How was the rest of your trip, and how'd your pictures come out?
    Hey Jon- can't wait to see the rest of your trip report. I convinced my family to eat at Le Cellier on our next trip...you've successfully converted me! Thanks again, and it was a pleasure meeting you and Colleen.
    Just got your PM, thanks for the info, Narcs it is. Looking forward to you TR. Hopefully some tips before we leave.
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