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  • It was just a $20 plastic case I fount on amazon. Worked GREAT as you can see! Don't remember what it's called. I'm at work and the case is at home!
    Thanks, kinda shows my "dark side"...ha ha..kinda have a few more to use. I am of course a Sci Fi fan and lean towards SW's. Have a great one!
    awe no way I'm sorry to hear that but I hope you have a blast when you do go n thnx for answering back
    Your absolutely right atleast I get to go this year still. :) I have never been for Christmas so it should be great!
    Oh NO!!! That stinks!!! Well at least you still get to go this year though!!! Disney during the holidays is even more magical!!! We went for the first time during he holidays this past Dec and had the most wonderful time!!!
    Oh that's awesome!! I love it there!!! You will definitely enjoy yourself, so much food to choose from!!!
    Yes Disney is VERY addicting!!! That's a shame you could not get ressies at Tusker House. We went there for the first time on our Dec '08 trip. It is very good! I would keep trying everyday online, it looks like things do open up.
    Hi Andrew!!! We arrive the day after you!! I am so very excited!!! Have you made your dining ressies??? Where you eating? You going to MNSSHP?
    Hi again- You are leaving the day we are arriving! We were there last year during the pool rehad as well, but we got luckey and they opened it the day before we left; it was really nice! I have never been during the holiday season and very much wish to see WDW all decorated! Maybe one day. You have fun as well!
    Hi Andrew54, welcome! I am leaving the Caribbean Beach 2 days before you are arriving. What a great time you chose to go- crowds are really down!
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