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  • Im gonna miss your "I hate you" fourm post while i'm at disney at 9am. I will also miss you :wave:.
    Sounds like a great idea. No idea if I could make it or not. I work ALOT of hours, but if I'm free, I'd love to come.
    great idea on the meet up - i posted to your thread. Also I wanted to ask you - are you still working at the village disney store? If so, do you like it? I'm thinking about applying. I have a job, but I have some free time too and I think it would be fun.
    I love your food photos. If you look through my photo albums, you'll see that I love to take photos of my WDW food as well. Getting back to mma, do you train?
    Thank you for posting all the great food pics! I'm now starving and can't wait until we go in Dec. We going to alot of the places you posted pics of....yummy.
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