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  • been following your trip reports on Disney and Disney cruises for a while but just noticed that you have tried the NCL Getaway...we are booked for that in April - did you do a trip report that I can read about, maybe on another board?
    I see you are from Houston area. If you were driving into Houston from the west on I-10, and were headed to Webster/NASA-Johnson Space Center area, what route/s would you use? We don't have a toll tag like E-Z something. We are debating whether to fork out cash for the Beltway-8 or come closer into town and take the 610 down to I-45 South. Suggestions?
    I just read some of the trip report you were in on the girls cruise. Then I realized that I had not had you as one of my followers and also your a June Birthday person like me. But your at least 2 days older then me if we were going just by months. lol
    Hey! There is a nice deal for Atlantis on Kayak today.
    It's not the best deal I've ever seen for Atlantis, but it's decent! I'd post a link, but this new forum format won't let me. :-( Hope there's something there for you!
    Kelly you changed your avatar!! I was like that's not Kelly, the pic isn't the Cabbage Patch face lol
    Yes, I did! With the format change my cabbage was looking a bit wonky so I changed it. I figured a pic of me would be okay. Soooo, changed the avatar pic at all online forums I participate in. You're the first to notice, tho! Awwwww..... Shining star for you!!!!!
    I am SO sorry I never got you those close ups of the Mickey appliques I promised. I loaned my daughters Disney wardrobe to a friend whose husband was home for 2 weeks from Afghanistan (sp?)and took a surprise trip to Disney. We can't seem to line up at 'get together' date/time for me to get them back!
    I thought of you recently though - have you ever heard of Bamboletta dolls? I have a friend going gaga over them. Very homemade Cabbage Patch-y to me.
    UGH, see this is why I hate TLC - and especially, as a psyc major, "My Strange Addiction" (wherein they exploit people with borderline OCD) - they always make people out to be so much crazier than they are. And now I feel bad! Whein, sorry.

    Trust me, I get the general idea - you should have seen the number of Barbies that still exist in the basement at home in CB. When my little cousins come to visit I'm the first to volunteer to play with them. Doesn't have anything to do with having boys - it has everything to do with bein' a girl (and maybe socialization, but we won't go there).
    Oh my, TLC commercial for "My Crazy Obsession" with an old man and his giant room filled with Cabbage Patch Kids. I thought of you! But not as crazy, only marginally =)
    Hey Kelly, here's my email address so we can plan for Sept. bniemeyer@hotmail.com
    I am also on Facebook.

    Well oh my goodness! What a life!! Congrats on Tracey's new job though and if you have any questions about moving/renting a house out, feel free to ask! We rent our house in Mobile out. I can hook you up with good websites, etc to try and get a military family in there. They typically take good care of things(if they don't the command wil fry them)l .
    Awwww portrait sesh! That's the cutest! You guys are all about the early mornings, the boys are good sports! I see a cute Christmas card in your future.. the boys must be excited for the trip? I know Carly and I just kind of fight and then remember we're going to Disney..

    PS: 93 days holllllaaaa.
    Essentially, there were some French Acadians trading with the First Nations (1650), and then there was a fire and they went away (1669), and then the French French came to protect their land from the English (1713), and then the English won but gave Cape Breton back to the French (1745), but then the English were like JK WANT IT and attacked (1758) - and then during the French Revolution they built a fort (1793). And then they built a canal to connect the Bras D'Or Lake to the Atlantic Ocean (1869). So mostly, I just tell tourists that while wearing classy forrest green pants and a red polar fleece sweater and a nametag! Ideal job, considering I chat chat chat all the time.

    Oh dear, turing into you for long-windednes.. ONESEC:
    Man, if the crew of us got together Mickey could "nawwwwt" handle it. Flynn Rider, Aladdin, Peterrr.. ohh baby. I feel that the little fairy-man from the Tinkerbell movies would be safe, though - he's a total weenie (cannot remember his name, and it's driving me nuts).

    My summer job is AWESOME - though doing the same training now for the third year straight is killing me. I work at a National Historic Site in the summer, in St. Peter's (NS).

    CONTINUED: read ahead for a lesson on some Cape Breton history!
    Except for when he's joking around about getting a mullet (like right now) he's pretty much a keeper.. funny how you can tell so fast!

    WDWM girls meet would be so ideal - and you're so right about feeling like we've been there with everyone! No such thing as too much Disney bonding!

    Girl, do not even worry. I am the queen of talking too much - pretty sure that's why my summer job as "heritage interpretation" for Parks Canada is ideal, I get to talk with old people doing touristy things all summer.. I had a couple from North Carolina last year chat with me for an hour and a half, aw yea.

    Can't wait for your "two week adventure" report! Heavennn. Every time you or Holly posts a TR it brings me back to when I first joined in October before our girls cruise. Awes. I hope the boys are golfing (and if yes, force a camera on one of them - we're not bringing our clubs and I want my Mickey golf).

    PS: I had to cut my post down, it was too long - embarrassing.
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