Trip Report Readers Chick Chat and Guy Gabbing Thread!


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@Tiggerish LOL looks like he/she is waving to you in this one
Haha, yes I thought so, too, so I had to grab the camera!!

The attitude that Rascal is showing is definitely "oh hi lady, I'm enjoying this perfect weather by lounging on the patio furniture while you toil away indoors to keep buying my fancy feast" him to bits even though he thinks he's the boss..


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Did you use superglue on the cat’s paws to be able to get the picture?!
No! There is something about wearing a costume for her that basically renders her immobile. But she complains a LOT so we don’t leave her in it long.
I absolutely love the expression on the cat's face. 😄
Oh - she hates the group costume. IMG_4438.jpeg
Very grumpy about it.

This was the best I could get out of her last year:IMG_3042.jpeg
So it’s not always a great photo.
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